100 Random Things

(PS I stopped at 50)

1.  I eat whipped cream straight from the can – which my children think is exceptionally funny to watch.

2.   I have several nicknames, the most well-known is Firefly which was given to me the first year I worked at the police station.  Over the years I have been Teeny Jean, AJ (and PJ),Mrs B and Marsha-Marsha-Marsha.

3.  The last movie I saw was The Lovely Bones and I went by myself… and I cried (which is another question these silly surveys always ask).

4.  I have never tYpED lYk dIs for anything and it annoys me when people do.

5.  My favorite word is an 80’s throwback “Awesome.”

6.  My dream career would be owning my own business.  Like a photography business.

7.  I played the flute in 7th and 8th grade.

8.  I do not speak any language other than English.  My co-works all assume I can speak Spanish because I know about 100 Spanish words and because I’m 1/2 Cuban.

9.  I love ice cream and usually can’t decide what flavor to get.  Some of my favorites are: mint chocolate chip, cake batter, cookie dough, rocky road, chocolate and anything Ben & Jerry’s makes.

10.  My favorite wild animal is a bengal tiger.

11.  I love taking pictures.

12.  I use 🙂 a lot more than a 38 year old suburban soccer mom should.

13.  Bugs don’t bother or scare me.

14. I prefer computer games over video games – but I do like Wii games.

15.  I will stay up until 3 am to finish a book if I’m really into it.

16.  I like Halloween.  When I was younger I loved it, and still enjoy it now.  I just wish my kids were as into it as I was. 

17.  I used to pass on chain letters. 

18.  I can’t wiggle my ears or touch my tongue to my nose.  Hell I can barely wink.

19.  I don’t know why the chicken crossed the road.

20.  I don’t like to hear my own voice.  My voice is a subject of controversy – I don’t like it, others do.

21.  I’m not good at receiving compliments, I usually get embarrassed.

22.  I hate it when someone forces someone else to apologize to me – if they were sorry they would/should say it on their own.

23.  I have never won a contest.

24.  My favorite amusement park is Walt Disney World even though I’ve only been there twice.  My close second is Kings Island.

25.  The most famous person’s autograph I have (had) is AJ Foyt.  And I don’t know where it is now.

26.  In driver’s education I curbed the car while going through a the drive thru at McDonalds.

27.  I never paint my fingernails, but always paint my toenails.

28.  I use all my fingers when typing and can type 55-60 wpm.

29.  I own 8 pairs of Croc’s (flip flops, sandals, cayman, mamoth and the little ballet ones).

30.  I cut coupons but usually forget them when I go shopping

31.  My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is pancakes but I usually eat cereal or toast.

32.  I love to cook, but hate the mess it makes.

33.  My favorite thing to eat at McDonalds is chicken nuggets with BBQ and Hot Mustard Sauce with a chocolate shake.

34.  The first time I ever ate a pickle I was with my dad at a Steak N Shake and I only tried it because it was cut lengthwise – I was about 6 years old.

35.  In 1st and 2nd grade I was a Brownie, but never went on to Girl Scouts.

36.  My favorite sandwich is a BLT and it’s the only time I eat bacon.

37.  I drive a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer that is identical to my sisters (not on purpose it just happened) but I would love to have a Mini Cooper.

38.  I drink coffee, but it has to have cream and sugar.  And yes I love to get pumpkin spice lattes and caramel macchiato’s from Starbucks.

39.  I sing in the car as if I were on stage in front of 60,000 fans.  I do not sing anywhere else because I do not sing well.

40.  I use quotes from movies all the time – probably more than I should.  One of my favorites is “smile and wave boys, smile and wave.”

41.  I love musicals.  It doesn’t matter if they are the touring Off-Broadway  professional ones or what the local high school puts on in the spring. 

42.  When I was 5 I wanted to be one of Charlie’s Angels, when I was 10 I wanted to be a veterinarian, when I was in high school I wanted to be a journalist.

43.  I eat sunflower seeds at my son’s baseball and soccer games even though I don’t like having to spit out the shells.

44.  I love to travel and have an extensive list of places I want to visit.

45.  I would like to see Kenny Chesney in concert.  The last concert I saw was Hannah Montana.  The last concert before that was Garth Brooks.

46.  I like black olives but not green olives.

47.  I don’t care for most reality TV, but I like to watch The Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars.

48.  I love Under Armor and Columbia sports wear because it is a soccer mom’s best friend…. soccer is only played when it is really cold or really hot.

49.  When I was little (and up until I was about 21) I was pyrophobic.  Which seems odd now given I’m married to a firefighter and completed fire training when I was 22.

50.  Wow… I’m boring myself to tears with this… so I imagine it’s boring anyone reading it.  Let’s call it done at 50 :-).


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