Life Saving E-mails

I never thought I would see the Pink Book Diaries online.  For those of you who don’t know what the Pink Book Diaries are I’ll explain.  About 2 years ago I decided that I needed to keep a journal, but the traditional Dear Diary stuff just wouldn’t work.  It had to be a way to log things like “top 10 stupid 911 calls” this month, Teaganism’s, Dawsonism’s, clever email’s, and random factoids that I find on the internet.  The first journal I bought just happened to be pink, and my co-workers started jokingly calling it “the pink book” — they would call me and say you have to write this down in the pink book.

So welcome to The Pink Book Diaries.  Hang on, it’s a sometimes bumpy and grumpy ride……told in a mostly sarcastic tone.  You can’t get a more real slice of life than that.

Today’s Topic:  “Life Saving E-mails”

My sister loves to send email (kimmie you know who you are).  She forwards all types of emails, cute pictures of fuzzy puppies and kittens, brilliant powerpoint presentations with serene music and inspirational quotes and every survey known to man.  Every day you can be sure to find an email from her — which is fine since she finally agreed to stop sending the chain letter ones that if you didn’t forward would bring you bad luck, bad karma, and money.  (By the way are chain letters still illegal? Or were they ever illegal — is that just something mom told us so we wouldn’t send them?)  But occasionally she will send an email that could save your life.  The most recent of which was a tale about a tiny deadly spider that lives on the rim of toilet seats and is so poisonous that it has killed 3 women in south Florida.  My first thought when I read this was “Please don’t let Teagan find out.”  She’s terrified of “magic” potties and “monster” potties as it is, tell her there is a spider – 2nd on her list of most feared things – under the toilet seat and she’ll be begging me to buy her diapers again.  My second thought was that this was some type of hoax as are so many of the emails sent out these days.  But despite all my doubt that there were really tiny deadly spiders lurking in public bathrooms waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting rear end, I also found my self thinking twice before I sat on the toliet seat at Wal-Mart the other day.  So even though the deadly toilet spider is a myth (confirmed by the urban legend busting website ), it was a reminder to always LOOK before you sit.  Which may not be a lifesaving tip but it definately helps promote sanitary toilet seat conditions.  What cracked me up as I skeptically looked at the toilet seat at Wal-Mart was trying to picture my germ-o-phobic sister (who flushes the “un-magic” potties with her feet –so her hand doesn’t touch the handle– and opens the bathroom doors with paper towel still in hand) lifting a public toilet seat to check and see if Charlotte the Spider has set up residency.  At this point picture me, giggling in the Wal-Mart bathroom stall causing the person in the stall next to me to rush thier business and bolt out of thier stall and out of the bathroom. 

I have found that most “Life Saving Emails” are mostly hoaxes:  there really aren’t men lurking in parking lots with parfume bottles filled with some unknown chemical that will render you unconscious or teens playing some “game” where they throw lit gasoline soaked rags into your car at a stop light.  But even though they are hoaxes they serve to remind us to pay a little more attention when we are in a parking lot, or at a stop light for something or someone who looks suspicious.  So even though someone with a really creative mind is coming up with these scary stories as a hoax to see how long it takes it to get across the nation, they actually do serve a good pupose.  After all without these “life saving” tips I would have never noticed that Wal-Mart really doesn’t clean their bathrooms very often.

That being said…….. thank u kimmie for all ur helpful hints… (and I really do like the power point presentations) without them I would not have any thing to make me start laughing in the most inappropriate times and places.


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