Hemmingway’s Cats on Creekside

Ok, so I’ve been struggling to keep up with by blog…. but in my own defense I do have 2 very active children, a mountain of laundry (which according to my horoscope for today I just need to keep climbing until I get to the top – yeah I don’t think it were talking about Mt Laundry either….), 2 dogs and a landscaping nightmere in my front yard.  Our house is now called the “castle” because the ditch in front where the landscaping timbers are supposed to go has filled with water from all the rain and looks like a moat.  On a happier note I did see “Chippy” the chipmunk a few days ago, he seems to be doing well after his home was destroyed when the landscaping was torn out.  He’s taken up temporary residence in the bush under Teagan’s bedroom window.  I had never seen a chipmunk until I moved into the house we live in now.  Of course our house seems to be a virtual wildlife habitat.  We have our “pet” squirrells Hammy and Lazlo that Dave built a peanut feeder for, more birds than I can count that eat a whole birdfeeder full of food every day and a half and a family of chubby little bunnies who like to eat the lady’s tomato garden behind our house.  Diablo chased one of the chubby little bunnies the other night — after a few rounds of oxygen, 3 days of rehab and some arthritis medication he’s finally recovered.  Poor thing isn’t quite as spry as he used to be.  Of course it took Ramey a while to figure out what Diablo was actually chasing… and then he had to spin around six times in a circle… by the time he caught up to the chase the bunny had managed to sqeeze under the fence.  Ya gotta love a blonde dog!

So now that I’ve kind of rambled on for awhile about the landscaping and wildlife (which was not was I was intending to write about at all..), I’ve noticed something a bit odd in my neighborhood.  Every morning when I take my walk around the neighborhood I’ve noticed that people let their cats run loose.  I grew up and the country so cats running wild isn’t new to me, but those were barn cats and we all lived on 5-10 acres.  These are house cats…..fluffy and groomed house cats.  The first one I see is at the end of my road, he’s black with white socks and a white speck on his nose.  He always sits out on his porch and Teagan named him “Elvis” last year… I have no idea what his real name is.  But he was the first one I ever noticed was always outside.  Then over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that almost every house on the street behind me has cats roaming the neighborhood.  One house has 4 that are out all day, one usually perched on top of the BMW convertible parked in the driveway.  I’ve been to Hemmingway’s house in Key West and trust me they have nothing on Creekside addition in Plainfield.  Which makes me wonder how, with all the roaming cats, is there such a giant bird population in my backyard eating 1 lb of birdfeed a day?  Tomorrow I think I’m going to count and see how many fluffy little kitties there are roaming the Creekside neighborhood.

Well I’m getting ready to leave work so I have to wrap this up.  I’ll end it with a Teaganism……

She wants to know if she can ride with Mimmie in her LIMBO……


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