32 decisions 1 cup of coffee

Why is it I can always think of a million things to write about when I don’t have a computer, but now that I have one I draw a blank.  I have decided that in trying to keep the kids busy this summer I might have overshot just a bit.  I’m the one pulling my hair out trying to get everyone to camps and meetings and practices and games!!  But see you can’t really write an entire blog about that.  Because here it is 8:45 pm and I’m just now getting settled in to write.

(And I keep getting interruped by 911 calls…… some genius decided to try and drive his pick up truck ON the RR tracks and everyone and their brother is wanting to report it.  See previous blog…… “get your drunk ass off the carosel”)

So I’ve decided to write about a topic that has undoubtedly been written about before.  How complicated have our lives have gotten when ordering a cup of coffee now consists of making 32 decisions to order 1 cup?  I mean can you picture walking into a coffee in 1945 and asking for a “Grande Non-fat Carmel Macchiato”?  They would have looked at you like you were nuts.  By the way, what the hell is Carmel Macchiato? Of course I say all this after going to a Starbucks and staring at the Menu for 10 min trying to figure out what in the blue blazes to order.  And they gave me a handy nutritional information pamphlet so I can have “drink options to fit the way you live.”  Again picture someone walking in the 1945 coffee shop…. there was no “menu” just for coffee and the biggest choice you had to make was sugar and/or cream.  Now we have drink options to fit our lifestyle.  Just so we’re on the same page……your average cup of coffee (any size) has about 5 calories.  And at home I add my Coffeemate Creamer which has about 60 calories and some Splenda – no calories.  When you hit the Starbucks however….you can actually order a drink that has as many calories in it as a Big Mac!! Just in case you were wondering it’s the Venti White Chocolate Mocha with whole milk and no whipped cream (550 calories).  Add 70 more calories for whipped cream.  The nations top health officials are baffled as to why American’s are now so much more obese than we were 50 years ago…..here’s a clue…. your morning coffee alone has jumped 545 calories!!  There are “20 Delicious Choices Under 200 calories” at Starbucks though……all of them involving “non-fat” and “hold the whip.”

We’ve had to learn a whole new language just to get a morning cup of coffee.  Just in case you are wondering the 32 decisions are: 1) size there are three 2)hot or cold 3) hot coffee offers you 14 varieties to choose from and cold offers 17 varieties 4) then you have to decide between 4 options for cream and 5) five options for toppings.  Ok so technically that’s only 30 decisions, but you can pay by cash or credit……..so HAH 32!!

Good luck ordering your coffee……. Good luck figuring out what macchiato is…….. and remember you might as well eat a big mac as to get a VENTI coffee!!


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