The best fireworks show

I enjoyed my drive home from work yesterday.  I left at about 9:20 and the sky was just beautiful.  It was a dark, post stormy blue with streaks of purples and pinks where the sunset was busting through the clouds.  None of the “professional” fireworks displays had started yet, but the sky was illuminated every few seconds by sparkling blues, reds, greens and purples.  It seems as though everyone alone I65 bought fireworks to set off.  I opened up my sunroof, set my cruise at 65 and popped in “Me & Bobby McGhee” and just enjoyed my drive home.  The fireworks colors and “sparkle” factor were just absolutely beautiful against the stormy sky.  Even the kids who had the little cone fountains spraying up from the ground, it was all dazzling.  Two things crossed my mind as I was crusing 1) how did it come about that in America we celebrate our Independence by shooting off Chinese fireworks and 2) why do people constantly call and complain about fireworks?

Ok I get the hazard involved in shooting off fireworks – they are basically controlled explosions.  But seriously all week I have taken at least 15 calls a night because people want their neighbors to stop shooting off the fireworks.  Why can’t they just go outside and look up and enjoy?  Unfortunatly there are always idiots who spoil the fun for everyone.  You know the ones … setting little sparkling cone fireworks off in a bed of mulch (yes I actually saw someone do that at the gas station…. yes the gas station ….. yesterday) or throwing firecrackers at each other.  This week burn units across the nation are filled to capacity with unfortunate individuals lacking the basic common sense involved to shoot fireworks off safely.  So I understand some of the concern, but about 1/2 of the calls I took this week (if not more) were just people being petty.  They don’t like their neighbors so they call in on them about them setting off fireworks.

Basically I left work yesterday pissed off at all the fireworks complaints (yes people were calling on THE FOURTH OF JULY because people were shooting off fireworks).  But I thoroughly enjoyed my ride home full of exquisite fireworks, and my wish is for everyone who had to call in last night and complain that you GET A LIFE……….IT’S THE FOURTH OF JULY!  Relax and celebrate your independence and freedom.

“freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose, freedom don’t mean nothing if it ain free.”  — Janis Joplin


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