“I almost lost my boogers!”

Ok so I’ve been back from vacation from a week and still havent updated my blog.  It’s really hard to keep up with everything sometimes!

Anyway lets do some vacation highlights:

On the trip down Teagan’s favorite saying seemed to be “Mommy! We’re going to be late for Baycation!”  She was full of surprises ….. she even ate catfish on Friday night at Cracker Barrel (aka Cracker Place).  We decided to keep a tally on who ate or tasted something new during the trip.  Teagan not only tasted catfish, she ate several pieces.  We watched for “turtles” on the way down – minivan’s and SUV’s with cargo carrier’s on top.  We even saw the elite of all “turtles” – one custom painted to match the minivan it was perched on top of.  Nothing says you hit the height of suburbia like a custom painted cargo carrier to match your minivan.  In the Smokey Mountain’s you have to go through 2 tunnels, mom suggested that we hold our breath through each tunnel.  After the 2nd tunnel Teagan exclaimed “I almost lost my boogers.”

It should be an omen that the closer you get to your destination the harder it starts to rain that bad things will occur on the vacation.   After a lot of rain and a lot of traffic we finally arrived at our condo.  We found out that high tide meant the the ocean was basically at our back door…. literally.  Finding a place to eat was a little difficult on that first night – which seemed odd since it was a Saturday night in a tourist destination.  We also learned that in the State of South Carolina you cannot buy alcohol after 7pm Mon-Sat and not at all on Sunday.  Just a travel tip in case you plan on heading there anytime soon.

We also found “Sam’s Famous Hot Dogs” — they had to be great right?  Wrong.  They were just overpriced.  Really overpriced.  Food was an issue on this trip: it was either really good or really bad or really overpriced and usually a combination of one of the three.

Teagan finally warmed up to the idea of swimming.  She started going under water by herself and made an attempt at a doggie paddle.  She did come up with some another of her famous vacation lines in the pool.  She was trying to swim and started to go under, one of us grabbed her to help her stay afloat but not be fore she sarcasticaly said “uh…..drowning!”  Dawson is so quiet in comparison.  He was getting much braver when it came to the ocean he was going pretty far out and made some attempts at boogie boarding.

Well the whole reason for the trip was the Cal Ripken Jr camp.  It is a really nice facility and Dawson had a very good time there.  I even watched him get sent into left field to play without pouting.  He learned a lot too, like bunting and how to turn if you thing you’re going to get hit by a ball.  He even snagged a ball out of center field and threw it to first base…….and almost got the kid out.  He was happy with the lunches they served too, Pizza Hut, Chick-fil-a and Wendy’s.  And he got all kinds of free Gatorade and Ripken stuff.  We did get to see Cal Ripken Jr on the last day, he was pitching to the older kids at the camp. 

So back to the food:  Teagan ate catfish.  Brittney and I ate sushi.  Teagan tried clam strips.  Yep…… Dawson didn’t try anything.  I’m not sure if anyone else tried anything else exciting or not.  Food was a big part of this trip…always trying to find somewhere to eat and learning the hard way that seafood buffet’s are not the way to go.

I left out Teagan and Dawson’s “your momma is so fat” jokes that became popular on the road.  And the 18 times she watched Hannah Montana on the way down and back.  Right now I can’t think of anymore of the Teagan isms but as always there were plenty.

That wraps up the vacation.  Hope you enjoyed the short version of the vacation.


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