Elvis, Bucky and Roller Derby

Today is pretty much totally random thoughts….. just a warning before you keep reading.  So maybe we’ll do this one as another set of “Odd Observations.”

#1 Roller Derby Last night we went to the State Fair (a.k.a Hillbilly Expo).  Some of the highlights included seeing Bucky Covington perform at the WFMS Freestage – he sang “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis.  (Elvis will come up later in this Blog so stay tuned)  We saw the fair parade for the 1st time.  In the fair parade were the “Naptown Roller Girls.”  Did anyone know that Indianapolis had a Roller Derby team?  I think that is a sport I could really get into, I think it would be an opportunity for me to get out all of my agressions after a stressful day at work.  Dave thinks I’d snap a hip.  But anyway, I researched it a bit today since I really had no idea exactly what a roller derby was.  They have specific positions like “pivot” and “jammer” and “blocker.”  And there’s actually a point to it, it’s not just girls dressed up like bad drag queens roller skating and beating the crap out of each other while roller skating in a circle.  One of the jammers has to fight through the pack to be the lead jammer and she scores points by passing the pack.  The trick is, the other team is trying to stop her from passing…….that’s where the pushing and shoving and stuff comes into play.  I mean how cool is a sport where you wear black fishnet stockings, really bad make up, roller skates, tank top and a skirt?  Not to mention that they all pick Official Roller Derby names like Kung Floozy, Doma Sk8trix, Judge Mental and my personal favorite Domestic Violet. Should I be concerned that they require you to carry additional health insurance?

#2  Bucky Covington Did someone really name their kid Bucky?  That’s one of those names that you come up with during a hormonal 2am pickle and peanut butter sandwich craving.  You know like when your hormones take over your brain and you think Clover sounds like a good name because it means luck. (That was for you B)

#3 Philippenes  After the fair we were watching Dateline about some rich Polo player entrepreneur from Hawaii who mysteriously disappeared after a “business” trip the the philippenes.  I’m not all knowing or anything but if someone is taking a “business” trip to the Philippenes, odds are he’s not in an business that’s on the up and up.  Sure enough, he had been shot in the head by his “business” partner and left along a dirt road.  Mostly I’m still trying to figure out why this was worthy of an entire hour long episode of Dateline.  I mean ship it over to the writers of CSI Miami and at least then it would have some entertainment value – you know Horatio promising the girlfriend he’d find the killer and driving off in the Hummer.  Isn’t there anything else out there to do a story on? 

#6 Iraq  Speaking of news stories….  Every morning on the Today Show Ann Curry says that a car bomb or a suicide bomber blew something up somewhere in Iraq, killing X amount of people and injuring X amount more people and then they show pictures of something that used to be a car on fire with bloody people crying and screaming.  Wouldn’t it be more of a news story if they could say “Not a damn thing blew up in Iraq last night and nobody was killed or injured.”

#5 Elvis and Marilyn  Why do people always put these two together?  This morning on the Today show a couple was dressed up as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.  First of all the fact that there are people are holding memorials and tributes today (Elvis died on Aug 16, 1977) absolutely blows my mind.  I could see it on his birthday (maybe) but I don’t get the whole memorializing his death thing.  I like Elvis songs, I will even  admit that one night I got sucked into watching Blue Hawaii on AMC, but I don’t understand the obsession people have with him.  Of course I was only 6 when he died and even then I was confused because Aunt Marilyn called my mom crying like a family member had died.  ANYWAY…… I still don’t see why people always put Elvis and Marilyn todether other than they were both celebrities who died of drug overdoses.  Even the movie Happy Feet has a penguin named “Memphis” marry a penguin named “Norma Jean.”  Well at any rate……… God rest The King. 

“Elvis has left the building”



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