Baughn Family Dictionary

Welcome to the first official “Baughn Family Dictionary.”

There are so many phrases and sayings that my kids have come up with over the years that you need some type of reference manual to keep up with their conversations.

Beagle = Bagel. I’m sure we got some looks when Dawson would ask if I was eating a beagle with cream cheese for breakfast.

Bless Yous = Sneezes.

Boppy = Pacifier.

Buck = Dawson’s 1st trail name at Brown Co.

Busy = Dizzy.

Buttercream, Buttercream = The famous saying that Dawson said for weeks before we figured out that it was a line from Rush Hour 2.

Catscratch = Root Beer. Teagan’s loved the cartoon Catscratch and one episode the cats drank gallons of rootbeer, so she started calling root beer “catscratch.”

Cheese Toast = Grilled cheese. Often served with red soup.

Chicken on the Bone = Fried Chicken.

Cracker Place = Cracker Barrel.

Congo Keys = Condo keys. Every day on vacation someone was in charge of the “congo keys.” Teagan took this responsibility very seriously.

Decorates = Christmas ornaments.

Ha-hoe = Tahoe.

Holly Hoop = Hula hoop. Also used to describe a wooden corkscrew go kart track in Florida.

Horsey Boots = Teal green rain boots that Sara gave Dawson that he insisted were his horse riding boots.

Hot Chicken = Buffalo chicken wings.

Lefty = Dawson’s current trail name at Brown Co.

Magic Potties = Self flushing toilets. They throw Teagan into a panic attack.

Monster Potty = The oblong toilet in our hall bathroom. Dave called it a “monster” potty because it was so big, and then Teagan was convinced the “monster” would eat her if she sat on it.

Red Soup = Tomato Soup. Often served with cheese toast.

Spider Monkey = Robby Gordon.

Sporting Dicks = Dick’s sporting goods store.

Sprinkles = Glitter.

Turtle = Roof top car carrier.

White Mans Face = Kentucky Fried Chicken. Also one that took forever to figure out, 3 trips around Plainfield until we pulled into the right restaurant.

World Serious = World series.

There you go, hopefully this will assist you in having a conversation with my family.


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