Andi Baughn Time

I always seem to be running short on time. Actually at work they call it “Andi Baughn time.” That is the code for someone to say they are running late. I’m OK with my time management issues, others are not always so understanding. Anyway, I never seem to organize my time very well. Case in point it’s almost 11pm and here I am blogging. My goal is to blog at least every other day, but as we all know that doesn’t happen. Not that I don’t have a lot to write about it, it’s just finding the time to write. That’s why I picked the picture of Dali’s Melting Clocks for today, that painting has been one of my favorites ever since it was in one of my middle school textbooks. I’ve always been facinated about the clocks melting in the desert. So due to time constraints this blog may be short, but at least it’s getting written.

Today I thought about the ever popular post losing lottery ticket question “What if I had a million dollars?” Or in the Powerball world, “What if I had 20 million dollars?” It’s a tough question actually. I mean there’s the obvious things like an oceanfront house or condo in Florida and the trips that I want to take like Italy and Spain, maybe Paris and Greece. Trust funds for the kids so they can’t spend all their money when they turn 18. But the thing I kept thinking about the most was time. If I didn’t have to work and I had a housekeeper, gardener and accountant, I would gain an unexplainable amount of time. Everyone always talks about how lottery winners waste thier money…. I’d be afraid I’d waste time. I’d like to say I’d go to graphic design school, or photography school — full time. Actually get a degree in something I’m interested in and do it just because I want to and not because I need a job. Or take the time to finish all the stories I’ve started and send them to publishers so they can decorate their slush piles. Of course with 20 million dollars I could buy my own publishing company, but that’s not the point.

I looked up some submission guidelines today for publishing companies – I think I have a better shot at Powerball. Basically there are hardly any publishers who are accepting manuscripts right now. I should have continued with the idea of journalism in college. Not because I want to be a journalist (that’s a basic fill in the blanks job anymore) but because I may have figured out that if I majored in English I could work for a publisher. I could spend all day reading manuscripts of would-be authors. Of course I know me, I’d have a job as a junior editor, spend all day reading and go home and think I wanted to do something more exciting with my life like be a 911 dispatcher. My problem right now is I’m a creative person and there isn’t a whole lot to create in the world of emergency services. I’m a fictional person living in a terminally non-fiction job. Of course some times real life is better than fiction because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are times when I couldn’t make up the things I hear on the phone. Things like the drunken deer prayer vigil, the caller who was stuck in her wedding dress and couldn’t breathe, the lady who was trapped inside a car wash (in her car), and the man who called 911 because his neighbor was letting her children write on the sidewalk – with sidewalk chalk. Yes these are things you can’t make up.

Well maybe I’ll work harder on my time management skills this month. I’ll make that my goal. Right now my computer is making my time management decision because it’s running low on battery power. I actually enjoy “Andi Baughn time,” until someone reminds me I have to be somewhere at some time. Andi Baughn time is a little bit like Key West time or Island time…… unfortunatly in Indiana few people understand Island time.

Goodnight moon……….


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