The support, love and prayers we have received for Teagan over the last few days has been overwhelming and Dave and I are extremely grateful to have such wonderful friends and family.

We also have received everyone’s telephone messages and we apologize if we haven’t been able to return them.  In some parts of the hospital our phones don’t work so a lot of times they never ring and we find out we have 10 messages when we walk outside.

I know everyone has been wanting an update on her condition and what’s going to happen so I’ll do my best to briefly describe it.

She has a ping pong ball size tumor on the right side of her brain basically directly behind her eye.  She is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday morning and will be in surgery for 6-8 hours.  Dave and I met with the pediatric neurosurgeon (Dr. Young) today and he explained that on a scale of 1 (easy) to 10 (difficult) it was about a 7.  What makes it difficult is that the tumor is located pretty deep into her brain tissue and is sitting over a major blood vessle.  It always seems like there is a “Good News/Bad News” scenario too, so the “Good News” is that the neurosurgeon thinks that they will discover the tumor is benign (based mostly on its shape/position) the “Bad News” is that she could have some permanent weakness on her left side, vision problems and memory problems.  But as far as the bad news part is concerned, Dr Young said these are all things that could happen it doesn’t mean that they all will happen.  And until surgery is over he won’t know for sure the extent of any problems she might have.

Again we really do appreciate all of the support we’ve receivied and feel truly blessed to have so many people who care for us.


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