Real quick Teagan update:  She is doing much better at home.  Her walking is improving and she is using her left hand a lot more.  She starts physical and occupational therapy on Monday, but we are calling it “play group” in hopes that will keep her interested in it.  I’ve talked to the oncologist and they still don’t have both pathology reports yet so they still haven’t determined what type of tumor she had and what further treatments she will require other than MRI’s forever.

So last night Teagan and I had a “Girls Night Out” or “G.N.O” if you’re a Miley Cyrus fan.  And trust me……. Teagan is a Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana Freak!  Dawson was spending the night with a friend and Dave was at the firehouse so it was an all girl night.

We started out early in the afternoon watching Disney channel and munching on potato chips.  Then we cruised to the firestation with the sunroof open jamming to “G.N.O” to see Dave and drop off some pictures Teagan had colored.  Then we went to Pizza Hut and got breadsticks and cheese pizza – since there we no boys we didn’t have to get sausage or pepperoni or ham or bacon (you know your basic heart attack on dough).  All during dinner I spelled everything she could think of.  Her new thing is “How do you spell……..?”  I spelled everything from c-h-e-e-s-e-p-i-z-z-a  to h-a-n-n-a-h-m-o-n-t-a-n-a.  When we left Pizza Hut we got “Cim-iny” mints (aka cinnamon mints).  After having her cim-iny mint for about 30 seconds she had to spit it out because it was too hot.  But as we were getting in the car she said she liked “cim-iny” rolls but not “cim-iny” mints.

Then we went to Wal-Mart to shop for pink Bubble Yum ice cream and a Hannah Montana DVD.  Teagan brought her silver sequined purse with her to buy her movie.  We got home, got in our jammies……ate some pink Bubble Yum ice cream…..watched Hannah Montana and fell asleep – Teagan wrapped up in her Cheetah Print blanket and me in her “Part Time Pop Star” blanket.

So I’ll leave you with the chourus from G.N.O:

Cuz it’s a girl’s night
It’s alright without you
I’m gonna stay out
And play out without you
You better hold tight
This girl’s night is without you
Let’s go
Let’s go
It’s a girl’s night

I’ll dance with somebody new
Won’t have to think about you
And who knows
What let go will lead to


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