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For some this is just a reprint of the email I sent out earlier………. for others this is an update on Teagan’s Tumor.

Hello all…

Dr. Young called today to give me the result of the pathology reports from Teagan’s tumor.

She has a very rare type of tumor called a pilomyxoid astrocytoma (PMA).  It’s so rare and new the first known case was reported in 1999 and only classified by the World Health Organization this year.  Right now she won’t be going to chemotherapy or radiation therapy and they will check her again in December with an MRI.  We are going to see Dr. Young and Dr. Goodman (the oncologist) on Oct 11th and we can have more questions answered then. 

There is a very “tiny” portion of her tumor left and they will be watching it very, very closely.

The tumor is classified as a stage II tumor due to it’s aggressive nature.  Dr. Young explained that tumors are classified from stage I to stage IV.  Stage IV being the worst.  As far as benign or malignant…….it’s kind of irrelevant when talking about brain tumors….. but a stage I tumor is considered “benign” and a stage IV tumor is considered “malignant.”  So due to this tumor type being aggressive, it can’t be classified as stage I.  More important in brain tumors than “benign” or “malignant” is it’s stage (also called grade). 

So it’s not exactly good news…….good news would have been a stage I tumor like a pilocytic astrocytoma (PA) like they originally thought it was.  But it’s not really bad news either because we have really good doctors who are going to be taking care of us and making sure she has every available option to fight this.

There are lots of websites to check out if you want:

(not sure why my email didn’t auto link those sites……..)



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