Tea Party and Dawson vs Mike Ditka

This is a two part blog……….. The first part is “The ultimate TEA party.”  The second part is “Dawson vs. Mike Ditka.”

Part I:  Grandma JR and Teagan hosted a tea party yesterday for all her new stuffed animals that she received in the hospital.  Attendee’s included (in no particular order) Cinderella, Aerial, Sally the hippo, Rock the turtle, Winnie the Pooh, Eyore, Hannah the bear (brown), Hanna the bear (white), Banana’s the monkey, Dr. Bunny, Barry the St. V’s bear, Gussy the goose, Webley the frog, Moosely the cow, Frank the bear, Spring the pink bear, Puddles the duck, Smiley B. Bear, Oreo the panda, RJ the raccoon, Cim-iny the bear, Pinky dot the pink spotted bear and Sugarpup.  Also in attendance were veteran stuffed animals: Dora, Waffle the cat, Cat in the Hat, Ratatoullie, Hello Kitty and Pinkie the monkey.  And poor old Ramey dog (see above picture).  Guests were treated to jewelry, tiara’s and boa’s provided by Teagan’s Libby Lu stash (compliments of  Traci and Katt).  Even Ramey got in the spirit by wearing a pink boa….. poor dog.  Everyone enjoyed “Apple Juice Tea” and Oreo’s.  During the tea party we had a ceremonial deflating of all the mylar balloons.  (TIP:  for anyone who doesn’t know you can deflate mylar balloons with out ruining them by inserting a drinking straw into the hole at the bottom and then all the helium flows out through the straw without damaging the balloon.  Working at a flower shop for 5 months does have it’s perks.)  The room did fill up with helium, or at least that’s what we are blaming for all of us being giddy for so long.  The tea party was a huge success and all of the new animals enjoyed their “welcome” to Teagan’s room.  It was good to have a few veteran’s like Waffle and Pinkie to show them around.

Part II:  Dawson vs. Mike Ditka.  Dawson feels it is necessary to know evertything there is to know about every sport known to man.  So he checked out 2 books at his school library about football.  One was Hall of Famers for football featuring Walter Payton on the cover and the other was Record Breakers.  The first thing he wanted to show me was a picture of Mike Ditka…….with the explanation “Look mom, it’s Mike Ditka from the movie Kicking and Screaming.”  That was one of those moments when I realized exactly how old I am.  It wasn’t “Look mom, it’s Mike Ditka who won the superbowl coaching ‘Da Bears!”  It wasn’t “Look mom, it’s Mike Ditka who was one of the few people to win the Superbowl as a player and a coach!”  The only reason my son knows who Mike Ditka is is because he starred in a Will Farrell movie about pee wee soccer.  Of course I’m also fairly certain he just thinks “John Madden” creates really cool PS2 games.  He did read a majority of each book and learned about not only Mike Ditka, Walter Payton and John Madden but also Bob Griese,  Roger Staubach, Don Shula and (sadly) OJ Simpson.  He still hasn’t figured out that the OJ in his book is the same OJ who was arrested in Vegas – he watches the morning news.  He did beg me to give him my Walter Payton football jersey – he was not successful.  So this is for those of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and remember before the Mayflower move they were the Baltimore Colts.  Remember how people were either Dallas Cowboys or Pittsburgh Steelers fans?  Of course in the 70’s I was a Miami Dolphin fan – mostly because of my dad since I didn’t get into football until I was about 10 or 11.  Then in middle school ‘Da Bears were the hot item……… Jim McMahon, Walter Payton, “Refrigerator” Perry, Mike Singletary.  I even had a poster of Walter Payton and Jim McMahon dressed up like Crockett and Tubbs that said “Chicago Vice.”  Although these days I will deny ever being a Bears fan – that is how I came to aquire a Walter Payton football jersey – well that and a very generous Christmas present from my mom.  Hopefully Dawson learned a little more about football from his books, like Peyton and Eli Manning probably learned their excellent quaterbacking skills from their dad.  Also a small side note, Teagan was born on Walter Payton’s birthday, July 25th, which led to about a 3 day decision that she should be named Payton.  Luckily that (and Clover) didn’t stick!

For those of you who check my blog for the snarky and sarcastic tone I usually write with about something that aggrivates me when watching the morning news………. I’ll be back……… probably when I head back to work and have to deal with 911 calls.   But for now, I just get to be a mom


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