80’s Rock Revisited

I spent a large portion of the day watching my niece and nephew play Guitar Hero III. The newest installment of the Guitar Hero series is labeled “Rock Legends.” It was cute how they kept asking if I’d every heard this song or that song…… sadly I was around when most of them were popular the first time. Songs like Hit me with your best shot and Welcome to the jungle. Now there were a few that were before my time – well actually I was alive for them but not really rockin’ out at age 4 and 5. This new game is opening a whole new generation to what the infomercial guru’s have classified as “Classic Southern Rock.” Songs like Freebird, Sweet Home Alabama and Slow Ride. I have to admit that the songs on Guitar Hero are pretty cool, they have ZZ Top, KISS, Heart, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, and Guns n Roses. Of course I have no idea how they play this game……. the premise for those of you reading who do not have a PS2…… is that as the color coded notes go by you have to hit the coresponding color on the game controller which is shaped like an electric guitar. I was watching these notes fly by at a really rapid pace and wondered how in the hell they could move their fingers that fast. I’m thinking maybe they should take actual electric guitar lessons. Well anyway……. here’s to Guitar Hero…….. continuing several rock bands (who should should be in retirement) popularity for at least a few more years.

Now here’s a slightly Od Observation… This one I have to credit to my sister Kim. Last night at Red’s they were having a Halloween party and they were serving food. Actually a typical set of appetizers: cocktail weiners and meatballs. As we passed the food, Kim stated “Oh look they’re having weinies and balls.” Which now has etched itself permanently in my mind. So now at every wedding reception, shower, and graduation open house, I’m going to walk by the buffet table and think “Oh look they’re having weinies and balls.” Which leads me to another Od Observation …………….. last night we went to Red’s which used to be a happening place. Now they have a new DJ who Dave nicknamed “Mullet Mike” who played the most boring music known to man! But that’s not the observation, the observation was in the Halloween costumes many of the women chose to wear. I have been facinated in recent years how people have turned Halloween into some type of excuse to dress up like the top dancer at Brad’s Brass Flamingo. You can buy every type of “naughty” costume you can think of…….. nurses, cheerleaders, cops, soldiers, witches, angels (isn’t that just WRONG) and cats. Now I can see dressing up for a little “Fanta Suite” rendevous with the hubby every now and then, but there’s no way in hell I would wear something like that out in public!! Even on Halloween. So here’s kudo’s to Martha Stewart who dresses up in Halloween costumes that involve a nice black pants suit with a belted tail for a cat……… or a floor length black skirt and long sleeved black shirt with a hat for a witch.


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