Fluffly Osmonds

I have several topics in mind for blogging today, so this may just be one of those random “Odd Observation” blogs.  Let’s see …… where to begin?  OK, how about the Osmond family.

George Osmond passed away last Tuesday (11/6/07).  The reason I know was because I was watching Helio on Dancing with the Stars and they said that Marie Osmond had to leave suddenly to be with her family because her father had passed away.  Most people I know would be grieving and distressed with the burden of planning a funeral.  The Osmond’s however decided to go on Oprah.  Just 3 days after their dad died (the episode actually aired the same days as his funeral).  And it wasn’t just Donnie and Marie and all the other 7 brothers, it was like 100 of them.  How would it feel to know your funeral got back doored for an appearance on Oprah.  But it was more than just all of them going on Oprah.  Marie continued to rehearse and did her “jive” dance on Dancing with the Stars this past Tuesday night.  Donnie was on Entertainment Tonight last night reminiscing and dissing the Donnie and Marie Show.  I’m not sure if they are releasing it on DVD or why he was exactly on there talking about it, but for the love of GOD your dad just died a week ago why are you on the TV??  Some of the other brothers have been on Larry King Live and other talk shows on the all news stations.  Now I don’t know any of the Osmond’s personally, but seriously isn’t it just a little inappropriate to exploit your dad’s death to regain a little 15 min of fame?  And I really liked  the Donnie and Marie show when I was little (yes I’m old enough that I watched it and Carol Burnett and Laverne and Shirley and Happy Days before TV Land was even thought of). 

Wow ……. OK that rant took longer than I thought.  Most of the other one’s I have all revolve around the “fluff” news stories that they pad the nightly news with so they can actually fill the 90 minutes of air time.  And yes the Osmonds have made several of the “fluff” stories this week. 

I’ll work on some more for tomorrow… and hopefully I’ll get started before 830 so I have longer than an hour to write.


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