Gobble til you Wobble

Gobble Gobble Gobble……….

Well I enjoyed by 5,000 calorie meal.  God bless the Today show for pointing out that on Thanksgiving Day nearly 5,000 calories are consumed in one sitting.  They even break it down for you, 1200 calories on appetizers, 1800 calories on the main meal and 2000 calories on drinks and desserts.  The Today show wanted to point out that eating like this is stressful to your heart and can result in other health related issues.  And I’d like to say to the Today show – DUH!  But I’m just guessing in the 300 plus years American’s have been celebrating Thanksgiving no one’s heart exploded after too much turkey.  So like every other American today I ignored the potential deadly effects the 5K meal could have and ate turkey, stuffing, mashed potatos, noodles, green beans, rolls, candied yams and pumpkin pie.  Wow, when you put it all together it does seem like a lot of food.  Oh well it tasted good, and looked a lot better than the tofu turkey (aka Tofurkey), whole wheat pasta, steamed califlower and pumkin flavored dessert cup that they were offering up as a 1000 calorie alternative.

Maybe next year we should all save calories by celebrating a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  Lets see…….. Toast (170 calories) with butter (100 calories), Popcorn (air popped like Snoopy did on the stove) 35 calories) and Jelly Beans (212 calories).  Side note: when we watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving I had to explain to the kids why Snoopy popped the popcorn on the stove.  They wanted to know why he didn’t just pop it in the microwave.  Although it’s rarely mentioned there is some type of pink dessert on the table with whipped cream and a cherry too.  I’m going with Strawberry Jell-o, Cool Whip and a Cherry (150 calories).  There you go.  A Thanksgiving meal coming in under 700 calories.  Wouldn’t the skinny chicks on the Today show be so proud of me.  There is absolutely NO nutritional value in this meal, but at least the amount of calories taken in won’t strain your heart.

I also learned something this Thanksgiving, I made the crudite (ok I can’t put the ` over the e) tray.  I always just called it a veggie platter or a veggie tray.  But I watched Rachel Ray yesterday and she called it “crudite” (again no `).  I also learned that tomorrow for leftover you just have to chop up your crudite and throw it on top of mixed greens for a nice post 5K meal salad.

Well that about does it for me…… my heart is ready for a long winter nap after working through all that food.  Now if I can just find a little bit of cool whip, I think pumpkin pie might make a nice “snack.”



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