Wii would like to play

wii would like to play……..

Evidently wii would like to play, but part of playing includes a game of hide and seek trying to find one.

Well every year there is one thing on everyone’s Christmas list and the one thing that NO ONE can find.  There is a long list of toys in the “Christmas Frenzy Hall of Fame.”  Tickle Me Elmo, Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch Kids………they all started their own frenzies in their day, but this Christmas once again it’s a wii.

I have found wii’s……at two times their retail price on ebay.  I have even found a website of one stay at home mom who supports her family by buying hard to find electronics and then re-selling them on ebay for what she calls “top dollar” (a.k.a 3 times the manufacturers suggested retail price).  For a small fee she will even sell you her booklet to teach you how to do the same thing.  It includes chapters like “Chatting up a sales associate to find out when the items are shipped,” and “Camping out in weather at 32 degrees to hit the store at 7am when they open.”  But to find an actual wii in and actual store is about as likely as having Rudloph the Red Nosed Reindeer come and tap dance in my living room.

However I did find a store that guarantees they get a wii shipment EVERY DAY….. and when that store opens every morning they will sell the wii’s on a first come first serve basis.  That would be the Nintendo World Store……..in Rockefeller Center……in New York City.  It is 10,000 square feet of Nintendo games.  So today, after locating this store on the internet, I came up with a plan.

On my days off, I could drive the 11 hrs 58 min and 730 miles to New York City.  After all that is nearly 1 1/2 hours less than the drive to Myrtle Beach and it’s a straight shot out I70.  I will leave at 7pm so that I can arrive at the store in New York at 7am – thereby giving me a little time to stand outside in the middle of winter in New York City since the store won’t open until 9am.  After beating out several other desperate housewives (or stay at home mom’s supporting their family with ebay) for a spot to get one of the 25 wii’s, I will victoriously take my wii for a spin around the Rockefeller Ice skating rink.  Then I will take a picture of the Rockefeller Christmas tree, swing over to the Today show and stand in the crowd and scream while holding a neon sign declaring “I DROVE 730 MILES TO BUY MY KIDS A WII FOR CHRISTMAS.”  The sign will catch Matt Lauer’s eye and he will come interview me and I will explain in detail how I came to New York City to find the only wii’s known to man.  Then I will briefly pause at Radio City Music Hall to take another picture (because I love the Rockette’s), then I will return to my Blazer and drive the 730 miles back to Plainfield.

Oddly enough, Dave does not share my enthusiasim for the plan.  He thinks I’m just joking.  I when he wakes up Tuesday morning and finds me missing i hope he will turn on the Today show and TiVo it so I can replay my interview with Matt Lauer when I return.

Hey Nintendo……….. wii would really like to play!!!!!


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