The McTwins

I have decided that Dave and I must radiate some type of beacon that only weird people, dogs and squirells can hear.

A few days after Teagan’s last surgery she wanted ice cream so we went to Culver’s.  We were having a normal meal.  We saw a few people we knew who were suprised to see Teagan out and about so soon after surgery.  The lunch crowd started to filter out and there was only us and a few others left in the store.  Then it happened.  One of the workers who was cleaning tables came up do Dave and asked “What is wrong with her?”  Dave and I looked at each other then looked at Teagan (who was wearing a hat purposly so her scar wouldn’t show) then looked up at this lady.  That’s when I noticed that she had very ecclectic jewelry and some scary eye make up.  Finally Dave stammered that she had just had surgery….. we rarely tell people that she had a brain tumor, especially people we don’t know.  “She has an aura around her that shows she is very sick.”  the lady persisted.  My flight or fight response was telling me to grab Teagan and run out the door.  This chick was scaring me, can you imagine how Teagan felt?  So Dave again answered that she had just had surgery, but she was OK.  The lady then asked “Does she have cancer? She has the aura of someone who has cancer?”  Yep going through my mind is 15 steps at a dead run and we can be at the door.  So finally Dave answered that she just had a tumor removed.  The scary lady then advised us that she believed in some type of healing and that’s how she was aware of people’s aura’s – honestly I don’t know what all she said I was still counting the steps to the door.  Finally someone called her back to the kitchen and we were able to make our escape.  Then I started wondering if she could read Teagan’s aura what the hell was my aura saying?  Well we brushed that odd situation off….. we even saw the scary lady again on a different trip to Culver’s and she didn’t approach us.  I guess the aura must wear off after awhile.  Or her boss has told her to quit scaring the customers.

Monday night after baseball we had another brush with the odd.  The kids were both complaining that they were hungry so we stopped at the McDonald’s at 37 and 465.  Not exactly my first choice at 8pm, but there were a couple of older truckers in there who were very nice and while in line joked about the terrible weather.  We got our food and sat in a small little corner out of the way.  All of a sudden some really loud guy burst into the door, spotted us in a small little corner out of the way and shouted out to Dave “How Old?” pointing to the kids.  Dave, nearly choking on his quarter pounder slightly flustered said “Who? Her?” pointing to Teagan, then without waiting for his answer “5.”  I wasn’t really sure if this guy was drunk or just really loud.  “Yeah I have a 20 year old and then the 8 year olds, boys……..he he he……… got a call from the wife the other day saying they had tried to clean out the pony’s stall with the snow blower…….. he he he……..always in to something…….. yeah they’re great!”  Then he walked away to order his food.  I looked at Dave, “do you know him?”  He gave me “the look” and said “no clue, hurry up and finish.”  Well asking Dawson to hurry to finish his food seems to only slow him down even more.  As I was about to shove the remaining part of his hamburger into his mouth and call it done……. it hit me.  I looked at Dawson and then Teagan and blurted out “He thinks they are twins!”  It might have been a bit louder then I intended it to be.  Especially considering that the guy was sitting on the other side of the McPartition away from us.  Dave, not caring about the loud exclamation I had just made said in a much lower voice “I don’t care we just need to get out of here.”  Then I realized that Dave had noticed that the very loud odd man had made some new friend up at the cash register and was busy telling him the snow blower story so he figured we had a limited amount of time before he would find us again.  Making Dawson chew his remaining piece of burger as we were running to the door we realized that we have been blessed with the beacon that only stray dogs and weird people can hear.  I still maintain that he just mistakenly thought that Teagan and Dawson were twins and wanted to bond with us because he had twins at home…. not completely odd – he was very loud though.

I just don’t understand what gene it is people have that make them feel ok with coming up to complete strangers and asking personal questions or sharing personal stories.  We teach our kids not to talk to strangers (for good reasons apparently) but as adults we try to be polite to these odd people who approach us in restaurants.  Let’s face it, if we were kids we would have been blowing whistles and running away had strangers just started talking to us at McDonalds. I guess maybe it’s just me, I don’t talk to people I don’t know, I barely speak to people I do know.  Not because I’m shy or quiet, I just don’t feel the need to talk all the time.  But the McDonalds thing even freaked Dave out, and he is much more “social” than I am. 

Do things like this happen to other people?  Or is it just us?  Well techincally it might be some sort of genetic flaw with my family since I had to call the police to come rescue Mimmie one time from the guy at the mexican restaurant who plopped himself down at her table and started eating her food.  Luckily she was on her phone with me when he sat down and after a few minutes of him not leaving her table I called work and had them send an officer over.  The guy told the officer he was “blinded by her Scandanavian beauty.”  Now the officers all ask about my  scandanavian beauty sister.

Yep, definately some sort of genetic defect in my family………. one of many.

And Dave thought that the guy thinking Teagan and Dawson were twins would convince Dawson to cut his hair……… no such luck.


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