How to name a child

What’s in a name?

Here lately I’ve seen a lot of articles about naming children.  The last one I read was in the Hendricks County Flyer by a man named Kirby Kirkpatrick.  I can see where his name has probably caused him aggrivation a time or two.  I also saw on the Today show someone who has written a book on horrible names like Amanda Lynn and Claire Annette.  So since I always hear, “Where did you come up with the name Teagan?”  I thought I’d share where I came up with the name Teagan.

Actually lets start with Dawson.  He’s fairly lucky considering that Dave wanted to name him Cuba.  Dave just thought it was a cool name because of Cuba Gooding Jr. and I think he thought I would like it since my dad is from Cuba.  Cuba Baughn – just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Cuba Gooding.  After we decided there would be no names involving countries Dave picked Noah and I picked Griffin.  It finally came down to a list of 26 names, one from each letter of the alphabet that we were going through one night at dinner.  A television ad for the TV show Dawson’s Creek came on and we happened to be on “A-E” and our “D” name happened to be Dawson.  We both liked it so we ended the Noah vs Griffin feud.  So technically…….yes Dawson was named after Dawson’s Creek…. but not because I watched the TV show (not back then anyway).  I remember thinking how his name would be so unique that we wouldn’t have the same problem like Brittney who had 5 or more Brittneys in her class.  Yeah, not so much, there are 3 Dawson’s in the Plainfield school system right now (that’s only the ones I know of for sure because they play sports with him).

So moving along to poor little Teagan.  Teagan was going to be Addison.  I was 100% set on it – wasn’t going to change my mind.  Then I happened to mention to someone (I really don’t remember who) that it would be so cute I could call her Addie – and that person pointed out she would go through life correcting everyone that it was Addie not Abbie.  And my 100% set on Addison went right out the window without a 2nd thought.  Pregnant women should not be allowed to name their babies since hormones tend to be unstable during that time.  For a long time I liked the name Josephine but luckily I read a people magazine article about Katie Holmes and her character on Dawson’s Creek named Josephine (aka Joey).  Again, didn’t watch Dawson’s Creek back then so I had no idea that I was about to name both my kids the same as the main characters on the show.  That would have been like naming them Jack and Jill or Hansel and Gretel.  Josephine was probably my 2nd favorite all time name for a girl.  #1 was Violet, but Dave nixed that early on as he didn’t like flower names.  I then became attached to Lacy and Lexie – I liked Lacy one week and Lexie the next then back to Lacy.

Then I thought I came up with the ultimate name.  One that Dave would absolutely love!  The little girl who voices “Lilo” for “Lilo and Stich” is named Daveigh.  How cute was that going to be to name our little girl after her daddy right? WRONG!  Dave doesn’t like little girls with boy names.  Let me repeat that so it sinks in completely….. Dave doesn’t like girls with boy names.  Apparently he never noticed he was married to “Andi.”  After the first few years you’d think he’d notice that wouldn’t you?  So we are now 14 days away from July 25th and there was no name for the child to be born on that day.  I was starting to panic.  Names were flying through my head….. Ruby (the birthstone for July), Payton (Walter Payton was born on July 25th) – almost everyday a new name!

Dave had come up with the name Gracie Mae after the fall of Addison and stuck with it.  I wasn’t all about it because I knew several people who had named or were planning on naming their little girls Grace or Gracie.  And at that time Dawson wasn’t in school yet so I still thought I had cornered the market on unique names.  I tried my hand at combining the grandmothers names (Judi and Winnie) but couldn’t see sticking a kid with Junnie or Windie for life.  A few days before I went to the hospital we worked on another list of names.  Gracie and Violet were both on it but crossed out as neither of us would give in to the other one.  There was Natalie, a name Dave thought was nice, Tenleigh, a name from movie I had just watched, and Teagan a name I had come across in a baby name book.  So a few days later little Teagan Grace was born.

I actually feel silly when people ask me, “How did you come up with the name Teagan?”  Because it was a like the last minute shot to save the game.  So I need to come up with a really good story ……..  And from now on I’ll just tell people “yes, Dawson was named after Dawson’s Creek!”

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