Od Observations

I know blogging has fallen behind ………  OK  way behind.  I really don’t have anything exciting to blog about today.  No specific topic is on my mind, more than likey due to my lack of watching the Today show recently but I do have a few of the favorite ODD OBSERVATIONS to share:

* I can’t locate my GPS.  If I wasn’t so distressed that I can’t remember where I put it, I would see the humor in it.  It’s whole purpose is to help people find things, so what happens when it is lost?  It knows exactly where it is because it has satellight links, longitude and latitude and a compass.  If only I could find it……..

* Some people need to get out more.  That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

* My new cell phone has more features and memory than my first computer did.  It has messaging, email, internet, google maps, games, camera, camcorder, tv and can store downloads and documents.  Scares me to think what will be available in 10 more years.  Hopefully I won’t misplace it…… it has GPS too.

* There are way too many choices at chinese restaurants.  Ever notice a chinese resaurant has at least 120 menu items — I know this because they are also all numbered.  There is at least 10 different ways to have chicken at a chinese restaurant. 

* Baseball bats.  OK technically “aluminum” baseball bats.  The price goes up as the total bat weight goes down.  So less material = higher price. 

And as usual I’m running short on time, so I’m going to go.  It was short and sweet today.