A Promise to Blog

I can write thousand word blogs in my head while doing dishes, or folding laundry or driving to work.  But to sit down and actually stare at a computer screen and keyboard I’m usually struck wordless and idealess.  I’ve thought that I need a recorder so these beautifully written well thought out ideas for blogs actually get out of my head and onto paper.  I’m sure my phone with it’s 1,000 features has some type of recording device for just this purpose – however I have yet to discover it.  Actually that’s not true, I did discover it by accident one night while talking on the phone to my husband where my phone recorded my end of our conversation.  I’m just not sure how to get back to it. 

So with all that said, here I sit……. in front of my computer trying to come up with a witty or relevant topic to blog about.  And now I’m confronted with the question, “why do I blog?”  I have the answer….. this actually didn’t start as a blog.  It started as a little pink book I kept in my locker at work.  I would jot down humourous and outragerous 911 calls.  I didn’t realize it had become known to officers that I kept this book until one day one of them called and said “hey write this down in your little pink book..”  I still have the little pink books at home.  There are 3 total.  Then I found the wonders of onling blogging.  And what had become my personal little journal of humerous things that happened to not only me but my family and officers and crazy callers was now a blog.  Honestly, one day I truly hope to have something I’ve written published.  Like really published by a magazine or book company.  Blogging gives lets me write a few little short paragraphs, usually about my roller coaster of a life, and lets me know where my writing ability is.  The thing is, I’m not 100% sure anything I write is funny when I mean it to be funny.  And I’m fairly certain the only person who reads my blog is my sister Jacque.

I haven’t been good about keeping up on my blog…. keeping Teagan’s Caring Bridge site updated was a challenge for 14 months… doing my personal blog on top of that was nearly impossible.  So this is my promise to Blog regularly again.  I’m thinking I will start out small….. one post on every Saturday for at least  6 weeks.  I wanted to take a creative writing class at IUPUI, however it met in Carmel every Tuesday at 530pm (logistically impossible for me) and it lasted 6 weeks.  It had 6 assigments.  I figure I can handle that commitment.  For now…… starting next Saturday….. 6 weeks of wonderfully entertaining and humorous accounts of life, love and crazy 911 callers.

I can’t wait…. hopfully I can deliver!

PS (some ideas that have been running through my head … the guy in Greenwood who has a PT cruiser with a surfboard strapped to the top of it – why?  How I’m a much better organized soccer mom, when someone else is taking my kids to soccer.  The daily dilema of owning a bulldog….. just some thoughts)