Bulldogs & Tigers


Earlier this spring there was a poll on Facebook where you were supposed to list your favorite sports teams.  I thought it would be easy…. not so much.  Beyond being a devoted Colts fan and always cheering for Notre Dame since I never got to go to school there I had no other teams.  I ended up with the New York Giants because I like Eli Manning and the Red Sox because Dave likes them (and i think their logo is cool).  These were truly not my favorite teams.  But then I felt odd for not having 5 favorite teams.  Should people have five teams?  I guess football, baseball, basketball, hockey and your college team.

So I started a quest to find my five favorite teams.  I know absolutely nothing about the Detriot Tigers but that was the team Dawson was picked for in regular season.  I loved their shirts….the fancy old english style “D” with a tiger coming out of it.  This made me a Detroit Tigers fan.  I still know very little about the Detroit Tigers – the Toledo Mudhens are their AAA team and Ty Cobb used to play for them.  But I love the Tiger logo so they are now my MLB baseball team.  When we were on vacation in Alabama I became obsessed with Auburn University all because of another silly Tiger logo.  I was even planning Teagan’s college education and trying to convince her to go to college at Auburn.

Then I realized the amount of bulldog apparel we have.  Not only Butler Bulldogs but also University of Georgia Bulldog stuff too.  The UGA stuff came from my trip to Savannah – where Bulldog stuff is everywhere.  That’s how I’ve decided that I now will throw my support into any team with a Bulldog or Tiger mascot.  There are abundant opportunities too because bulldogs and tigers are very popular mascots.  Although currently there are no pro sports teams that have a bulldog mascot there was at one time the Boston Bulldogs soccer team and Boston Bulldogs football team in the 1920’s.  There are 36 colleges and universities including my top 2 Butler and UGA and surprisingly Yale who’s bulldog mascot is nicknamed handsome Dan.  Can I really be a Yale fan?  And lets not forget…… the bulldog is the unofficial mascot of the United States Marine Corps (shout out to Brad).  We still have some “Devil Dog” stuff too, although the kids have mostly outgrown it.

So there are a lot of Bulldogs…… what about Tigers?  Other than the Detroit Tigers there’s the Cincinnati Bengals.  Not that I’m opposed to the Cincinnati Bengals but I don’t see me buying an “Ochocinco” jersey any time soon.  I mean Chad Johnson or Ochocinco (whatever) is a great player and all, but seriously he changed his last name to his jersey number…. in spanish…. Does he even speak spanish?  I mean if David Ortiz wanted to be David Tresquatro I get it….kind of… OK not really.  I mean what if Dawson wanted to be Dawson Cincosiete (his soccer jersey is 57)?  Anyway bypassing the Bengals and Chad Ochocinco there are several “Tiger” colleges.  Including Auburn, LSU and more close to home DePauw.   Of course there’s always the Mexican League baseball team “Tigres de Quintana Roo” – basically the Cancun Tigers.  I’m thinking if Dawson really wants to play baseball Cancun is the spot to be.  Then he could change to Dawson Cincosiete.

Anyway……. from now on count me in if there is a Bulldog or Tiger mascot.  It may not be the best thing to bet on so this is in no way advice for gambling or picking your NCAA tournament teams.  It does however give Dawson and Teagan plenty of choices of colleges that their mom will approve of.


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