If Chad Johnson ran the NFL…

If Chad Johnson ran the NFL…..  This would be the weekend recap:

Leading off the playoff games was the Arizona Cardinals and the New Orleans Saints.  The Saints dominated the game which resulted in a 45-14 win.  Quarterback Drew Nueve had great protection from his offensive line allowing him to complete 23 of 32 passes for 247 yards and three touchdown passes to receivers Jeremy Ochoocho, Marques Unodos and Devery Unonueve.  Reggie Doscinco also had an awesome game including two touchdowns one on an 83 yard return.  The Cardinals quarterback Kurt Unotres was held to 205 yards passing and sacked once.  The Saints face the Vikings next week for the NFC Championship.

Next up was the matchup of the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts.  Colts quarterback Peyton Unoocho completed 30 of 44 for 246 yards in the Colts 20-3 win over the Ravens.  The Colts had outstanding plays by wide receivers Reggie Ochosiete and Pierre Ochocinco as well as tight end Dallas Quatroquatro.  The Colts defense led by Gary Cincoocho held Baltimore’s quarterback Joe Cinco to 189 yards and no touchdowns.  Ravens were also hampered by penalties including a personal foul committed by linebacker Ray Cincodos.  The Colts will host the Jets next week at Lucas Oil Stadium for the AFC Championship.

After losing to the Jets, San Diego’s Ladainian Dosuno was disappointed at another loss in the post season.  His time in San Diego may be coming to an end after spending 9 years there.  His quarterback Philip Unosiete said it best, “We just didn’t do it.”  That could be the new anti-Nike advertisement.

In other “ruffled feathers” news Dallas Cowboy’s linebacker Keith Cincouno thinks it was unfair for the Vikings to run the score up on his team.  Apparently there is a “nah nah boo boo” rule somewhere in the NFL we don’t know about. You’d be mad too if you just got upstaged by quarterback Brett Quarto who is twice as old as most kids he’s playing against.

Well there you have it…. the NFL highlights if Chad Johnson a.k.a. Chad Ochocinco ran the NFL.  Of course now the Bengals showboat plans to change his name to Chad Hachi Go which is 85 in Japanese.  So for the 2010 season I’m going to have to learn Japanese.  That should make the Rosetta Stone people happy.

Until next season Sayonara Chad Hachi Go.


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