(not so) Super Weekend

Although my beloved Colts lost the Super Bowl this past weekend there were still some fun memories of the weekend.  The most memorable being building the Colts snow sculpture in the picture in front of my mom’s house.  It was originally supposed to be a contest between us and her neighbor but since he didn’t decorate anything I’m assuming we won.

Best Game Food Consumed:  Brozzini’s hot wings.  YUMMY!!  No offense to Dawson’s Super Beef Nacho’s and Kimmy’s Chili but the hot wings were awesome.

Worst Sports Announcing:  Everyone will be surprised by my pick – no it wasn’t Phil Simms and his anti-Colt ramblings during the Super Bowl.  It was Darrell Waltrip and his obsession with Danica Patrick during the ARCA race on Saturday.  I don’t think there was more than a 2 minute span not talking about Danica.  A car crashed and flipped upside into the wall in turn 3…. let’s see how Danica is handling it.  If someone would have given me a dollar for every time Darrell said “Danica” I would have enough to buy Daytona International Speedway.

“Best” Idea EVER:  “We’re going to build a 6 ft. by 6 ft. snow sculpture out of giant snow balls and spray paint it blue!”  (Objects may be smaller in real life…. Like 3 ft. by 3 ft.).

Most Time Consuming Project:  Cleaning, painting and decorating 6 horseshoes in Colts Blue and football beads.  That might have ended up being a bad luck charm since we lost.

Biggest Sugar Rush Known to Man:  B’s brownie topped with marshmallow cream, peanut butter, chocolate and rice crispy cereal.  WOW!  It sent Teagan into a sugar coma in the 2nd quarter – which was a good time to pass out as the rest of the game was not that great.

Most Redundant Play on Words:  “Who is the halftime show?”  “Yeah” “No Who?” “Yeah Who” — God Bless Abbott and Costello!

Best New Occupation Idea:  “Well if I can’t find a teaching job I can move to Alaska and be a snow sculptor.”  (B)

Best “Blonde” Moment:  “The blue paint is fading…..” (me) “Well we are painting crystalized water” (Brad)

You Know You Live In the Country When….  you see a car a mile down the road and wait behind the snow sculpture while it travels 20 mph – just so you can jump, wave and yell “Go Colts!” to the one person who drives down the road who isn’t related to you.

Another “Best” Idea ever:  “How mad do you think Eric would be if when he came home one of his horses was painted blue?” (Note to PETA… no horses were harmed in the celebration of the superbowl…we couldn’t find any of the blue hairspray).

Longest 2 hrs ever:  Spent Saturday night at Chuckie Cheese for our neighbor’s 7th birthday party.  Does anyone else remember when it was “Showbiz Pizza?”  I had my 13th birthday party there.  Ahh .. memories.

Best Teagan-ism:  “I’m the supervisor, I just watch, I can’t help….”  “What do you call that?” (me)  “A Chief.”

Winner of the Most Colts Spirit Award:   Kimmie, who wore colts boxer shorts, Joseph Addai jersey, Colts Croc’s and Colts socks to Walmart.  Luckily she found the Colts socks otherwise she was wearing blue softball socks to Walmart.

Oddest Purchase being made at Walmart on Sunday:  A man in his late 60’s buying 2 bags of crafters poly fill and nothing else.  Most people had chips or something from the deli… he was going to make crafts.

It really was a fun weekend….. all things considered.  Yes I wish the Colts would have won, but I’m OK with the Saint’s winning.  They are a good team and deserved to win. 

Congratulations Saints……..  Colts there’s always next year …….. and can someone please put Danica in the wall on Saturday?


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