48hrs of Savannah

I usually keep a travel diary when I go on vacation because I like to jot down silly things that happen along the way.  For whatever reason it seems like I always have silly things happen when I’m on a vacation.  So here is a recap of my sister Kim and my 48 hr trip to Savannah last year….. it is totally crazy and fast so hang on for the ride!

I live five minutes from the airport.  But my sister Jacque, who was driving us to the airport, didn’t want to stay at my house.  So we got up at 330AM Sunday to get ready so we could leave at 430 to get to the airport at 5.  The airport I live five minutes away from.  The lines they tell you to prepare yourself for at airport screening actually had really long lines for 5am.  I guess a lot of people take advantage of the reduced rates for a 7am flight.   Before leaving we heard the weather channel giving details of a bad thunderstorm and tornado warnings in Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, NC.  Of course…. epic weather evens and me travelling go hand in hand.  Kim had to ride the people mover even though it took us past our gate, so we rode past our gate then walked back to it.  We were boarding the plane with newlyweds – the lady had “Bride” stamped on her white sweatpants across her ass.  Classy travel outfit I thought.

The flight to Charlotte NC was entertaining at best.  We sat in the back of the plane which is by far my least favorite place to sit.  The flight attendants were giving their seat belt, oxygen mask and flotation device speech and Kim started to laugh uncontrollably because she was picturing the Penguins of Madagascar and Private’s pre flight speech.  (“Should the oxygen mask drop please place it like this so the other passengers won’t see the terrified look on your face.”)  I figured she was going to get us kicked off the plane because these particular flight attendants had NO sense of humor.  One of them called a lady out who wasn’t listening during the speech because she was sitting in a wing exit seat.  We then heard the story not once but 15 times as she told all of her coworkers how the lady was reading a magazine during the pre flight – again the luck of sitting in the back.  Even the lady sitting next to Kim said “I feel like I’m in high school again!” when she started to tell the story the 16th time.  The flight was awful, the weather was awful, our landing was delayed almost 40 minutes.  But the worst part was the actual landing.  It was bumping and there were big air pockets and granted one was pretty roller coaster-ish as we were almost on the ground but the lady behind us starting screaming (yes top of your lungs screaming) “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!”  I’ll admit it was a bad landing but I thought that was a bit of an over reaction.  As we were taxi-ing to the gate I caught wind of an awful smell and thought the guy in front of me had passed gas.  Then we heard the flight attendant call the cockpit and say that there was vomit in row 24… and like our heads were attached with wire Kim, the lady next to her and I all looked at our row and saw that we were in 23 and simultaneously without speaking picked our bags up off the floor and examined them for puke.  Our bags survived so we stood up to see the “OH MY GOD!” lady covered in thrown up Cheetos and M&M’s that she had been cramming down her son’s mouth the entire flight.  He was also covered in vomit and as she picked up her purse it became evident he had aimed for it.  I felt bad for her… I think.

The 40 min delay meant that we had exactly 8 minutes to get to our connecting flight.  We ran (not jogged, trotted or speed walked) through Charlotte Airport.  We had to go from one end of the airport to the other.  These are things your travel agent should tell you…. oh wait, I’m our travel agent.  We kept seeing signs that said GATE E this way… but GATE E was no where to be found.  7 minutes from one end of the airport to the other – and the Gate attendant was so cute she said “Welcome to United Airlines traveler aerobics program.”  I thought the first flight was bad… the second flight I wasn’t entirely sure the landing gear wasn’t going to come crashing through the bottom of the plane.  And the wings dipped once so bad I think it scraped the runway.  As we were in our near crash landing Kim starts saying “Put your hand in the air Maurice it’s more fun that way!”  Again a line from Madagascar. But we made it!

We were in Savannah!  Average February temperature in Savannah is 64 degrees with lows about 40 – Temperature when we arrived at noon 33 degrees and pouring buckets.  And Kim can’t get a hold of Brittney.  The whole reason for this trip was to surprise Brittney at her softball tournament.  When we finally do reach her we find out that the tournament for the day had been canceled due to rain and the team was going sight seeing and shopping.  So Kim calls the coach and we find out that we just need to meet the team bus at our hotel at 130 and we’ll go sight seeing and shopping with them.  That gave us time to eat some really overpriced bad airport food, buy a “Savannah” t shirt at an airport kiosk and collect our drenched suitcases.  We found a taxi to take us to Tybee Island.

Dave our taxi driver was talkative.  In the 30 minute trip to Tybee Island I found out that he had 3 kids aged 22,19 and 11 and met his wife because she was one of his fare’s.  He liked the airport routes the best and talked about fishing in some of the different locations we passed.  Kim was texting the entire ride so I became the designated talkee.  The taxi cost the equivalent of what a rental car would have cost and I was silently cursing our travel agent – oh wait again me.  We checked in to the Tybee Island Howard Johnson’s threw our bags in the room and came downstairs to meet “Steve” the bus driver.

Brittney’s reaction was shock when she saw us sitting on the bus when she boarded.  We then started rambling about our flights, and the Penguins of Madagascar, and the kid who puked and…. yeah we may have been loopy by now.  We arrived in downtown Savannah at the Oglethorpe Trolley Tour headquarters.  We departed the bus and boarded a trolley.  The trolley tour was cool and we learned a lot about Savannah and saw about 1000 places we wanted to spend more time.

After the trolley tour we walked around the Riverfront and nearly killed ourselves trying to walk on Cobblestone.  We ate dinner at a really good restaurant but I have no idea what it was called.  I bought two books, Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil and Haunted Savannah after hearing all the stories on the trolley tour.  We were then supposed to meet the team at the Colonial Park Cemetary for a ghost tour.  We walked umpteen blocks and saw all the spooky houses and heard all the ghost stories – several times we were passed by a ghost tour in a hearse and I wished I could have added hearse to my list of transportation for the day.  It would have made a good conversation piece.  The tour guide was wearing a thick heavy winter coat because it was 38 degrees outside, I had on an Under Armour shirt and a windbreaker.  She was saying how people in Savannah were freaking out because it might snow.  Of course…… epic weather event.

Monday was actually very uneventful.  We rode to the softball fields in the bus, watched Franklin College lose two games and got on the bus to ride 12 hours back to Indiana.  Twelve hours is a very long time to ride a bus.  We stopped at a truck stop where I got two Georgia Bulldog hats and a stuffed bulldog since I had forgotten souvenirs for Dave & the kids.

We arrived at Franklin College at 5am….. temperature 5 degrees.  I began to wish I was back in Savannah with 38 degrees.  It was then that it dawned on me that exactly 48 hrs ago I had been at the airport.  In that 48 hrs I rode 2 planes, ran through an airport, rode in a taxi, bus and trolley, walked an unknown amount of blocks, spent less than 8 hrs in a Ho-Jo and then rode a bus for 12 hrs.  I could SO do the Amazing Race!

my “exit buddy” 🙂


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