Life according to a 1st Grader

The following is a list of quotes from Teagan….age 7, 1st grade:

On Fashion:

“Yes Mommy buy those pants, they suck your butt in.”

On Eating:

“Put that fork down, eat that hot-dog like man!”

On Occupations:

“I’m the manager so I don’t do anything I just watch you do everything.”  Me: “What do you call that person?”   “A Chief.”

On Brain Surgery and Chocolate:

Me: “Teagan you need more chocolate like you need a hole in your head.” “I already have a hole in my head!”

On Relationships:

“If I have a boyfriend and he breaks up with me I’m not getting a new one – too much trouble”

On Undergarments:

“When I get my first bra it’s going to have polka dots on it.”

Favorite Expression:


Her To Do List (from 2 Saturday’s ago)

Get mony, stop at mc donols, met grama, sho cwiry (choir)

Personally I’m looking forward to the first bra with polka dots.


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