Show Choir! – the new team sport….

My niece is in show choir.  That is her in the picture – it’s from last year’s show.  Much to my husband’s dismay, my children love show choir.  Well he’s OK with my daughter dancing and singing with glittery dresses but not so much with my son.  Let me clarify, my son doesn’t dress up in anything remotely glittery, but he knows all the songs and dance moves along with my daughter.

If you ask my son he will tell you he has hated being dragged to show choir events this month.  But he will also be able to tell you who placed where in which show and who had the best shows and who had the ugliest dresses.  If he thinks you’re not watching he will likely be caught singing “Workin’ Day and Night” which is part of this year’s routine.

Dawson would be great in show choir.  Well… sort of… he can dance really well.  His singing echhh – he takes after me and hits about every 3rd note.  It will be interesting in the next few years to see what happen between him and show choir.

Here’s the thing…. He looks at show choir as a sport.  There’s a competition between rival schools (yes show choir’s have rival choirs) and there are trophies given out to the winners.  In Dawson’s world that equals a sport.  And there’s more.  According to him there is a “team bus” which he was able to ride with the “team” a few weeks ago to dinner.  Technically they all dress alike so there are “uniforms.”  I think he even referred to the boys green shirts and sombrero’s as their uniforms.  They also have “team t-shirts” that they wear while not performing – like a shirt that might say “Plainfield baseball” that you would wear to school the day of a game.

I think maybe he has found the key to end the stereotype that people conjure up when they hear the words SHOW CHOIR.  Sparkly, glittery dresses, fake eyelashes, bright make-up, gallons of hairspray and jazz hands aside – show choir meets all the requirements to be classified as a team sport.  They have practices, “tournaments”, trophies, matching uniforms (usually more than one), team t-shirts and they ride a team bus.  Just because there isn’t a ball involved doesn’t make it any less of a sport.  And trust me after seeing some of these routines I’m here to tell you most of these kids are more cardio-fit than the basketball team.

Well I will have to wait and see what transpires when Dawson gets to high school.  It will be interesting to see if he decides to join the Belles et Beaux. Yeah – the only downfall to Show Choir, some schools should really think about changing the choir name.  Teagan, however, has already made up her mind.  She is all about joining Belles et Beaux or  Femme Fatales (really – who named this choir?  Do you think of high school girls with matching ponytails or something more like the Pussycat Dolls when you hear this?) when she hits high school.  She’s currently singing in the shower at the top of her lungs for practice.  I have no idea how we will ever get fake eyelashes on her though.

PS – congratulations to the Rhythm Masters – Grand Champions of the Mooresville Spotlighter Invitational.


3 thoughts on “Show Choir! – the new team sport….

  1. Thank you for writing this! It is a fun time, the kids work hard, and yes it should be considered a SPORT. They practice 2 times during the week usually 3 hour practices, and then before competition season starts they are practicing 3 Saturdays in the month of January for 6 hours each Saturday and every day in class. These kids work hard, and it is a cardio workout, I would say on the level of extreme. Also a note to add, they have to change outfits in a matter minutes to get back out on stage to perform different songs and dances, and they have to do this and make sure they have everything in place. They have a 20 minute show, which includes set up and perform and tear down, the only time they are standing still is during the ballad, and if you look closely or watch the video you can see the sweat just rolling off their faces and they cannot wipe it away!

  2. I’m glad you liked it! I saw one girl who’s hair was stuck to her eyeball for 1 whole song before she got to flip her hair forward and get it out. OUCH!

  3. Show Choir is a MAJOR sport! Those kids work hard and it is sooo much fun! Can’t wait to see Dawson and Teagan make their debut. They would both be terrific.

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