Blogging Rain Delay

So…. I realize blogging has not been my top priority lately.  It really wasn’t rain delayed but spring cleaning, nice weather and bad days at work have all contributed to my delinquency in blogging.  But I’m still here.  So let’s start off with a list of Odd Obervations:

I HAVE BEEN OUT SOCCER MOM’D!! Yes… I found the Ultimate Soccer Mom.  Here I thought I had gotten a jump on the soccer season.  My dutiful “Soccer Bag” was tricked out with a new set of colored pencils and coloring books from the dollar store and had a ziplock bag stocked with sunscreen, band-aids and Kleenex.  A trip down the travel size aisle at Wal-Mart added some deoderant, single use toothbrushes (the kind with toothpaste “beads” in them) and hand sanitizer.  I thought my bag was ready for the season – with the exception of adding snacks – I thought I was on the ball.  Then I went to one of Dawson’s baseball games.  One of the players on his team has several younger siblings including a set of twins that are at potty training age.  I parked next to them.  As they were climbing in their minivan and Dawson and I were getting into Snowbelle one of the little twins said “Mommy I have to use the van potty!”  Intrigued I hung out at the back of the truck to see what was going on and sure enough the mom raised the van’s back hatch and there in the back of the van was one of those camping toilets.  I only wish I had a trophy to give her.  That definitely surpasses anything I’ve ever seen in Soccer Mom Competition.  In an attempt to console me my sister offered to let me put her camping potty in the back of Snowbelle for the season.  I will make this claim now…. I will NEVER have a toilet in the back of my truck!!  But kudos to the lady who thought of it!

Kate’s last dance 🙂 I am so thrilled that they finally voted Kate Gosselin off of dancing with the stars.  I have never liked her since I watched 1/2 and episode of the ill-fated “Jon & Kate plus 8.”  She is one of the people in the world that just don’t get “it.”  The “it” I’m referring to is reality.  Which is kind of ironic considering she’s a reality TV star.  The reality is that kids, husbands, houses, pets etc… aren’t perfect and you cannot make them be perfect.  The 1/2 an episode I watched Jon and Kate took the 8 to a crayon factory – where Kate would not allow the kids to do any of the crafts for fear of them getting paint, pen, marker, glue or glitter on their clothes.  Her reason?  Her kids are dressed in nice clothes and if a person who has 1 kid gets paint on a shirt they spend 10 min in the laundry room trying to get the paint out, but since she has 8 she would spend all day in the laundry room.  I’ve got $50 that says Kate hasn’t seen the inside of her laundry room in 3 years – after all she has a staff.  She made the kids and Jon (and I’m assuming the filming crew) miserable the whole time they were at this factory supposed to be having fun.  Her claim “I didn’t know there would be paint and markers and crafts – it’s all so messy.”  HELLO – you were going to a CRAYON factory!!  She was recently on a morning news show saying how she has to be a “working single mom” because Jon doesn’t have a job so she has to support her children.  And it’s so hard for her to be away from them while she’s taping Dancing with the Stars.  And Boo Hoo this and that.  If karma truly works her family court judge while deciding custody should force her to work at her local Chuckie Cheese 40 hours a week.  Then she can claim to be a “working single mom.”  I’ve decided I’m going to make a new TV show for America.  Each week I will show clips of horrible reality TV stars and other D-listers who keep clinging to their 15 min of fame and each week America can vote someone “off the air” and that person’s “career” would come to an immediate end!


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