Snapshots 2

Little things that have caught my attention this week:

Love Advice from a 7 year old:  My son has developed a severe crush on an older woman.  She is my 17-year-old nieces best friend.  He fell hard for her during her performance as Rose Alvarez in the WCHS production of Bye Bye Birdie.  On the way home the other night I was treated to my 7-year-old daughter giving him advice on girls.  It included important items like “Talk about things that girls like – flowers and animals.”  And then there was the really important stuff like “make sure you don’t smell.”  She also told him to “dress up nice and smile.”  All this from a girl who is 7 going on 17.  I feel a bit sorry for the first boy brave enough to ask her out!  And as for my son…..who knows?  Hopefully he’ll take the “don’t smell” advice to heart!

Garden Battleship:  Recently we built our raised bed gardens and squared them off with string into 1 foot sections to make planting easier.  The first thing we planted was sunflowers which didn’t appear as though they were going to make it – however they are perking up.  My tomato and pepper plants died so I cheated and purchased some from Lowes.  The day after I planted them we had frost advisories.  It’s touch and go but it looks as though everything (with the exception of one pumpkin plant) is surviving.  I was lamenting about my garden and it’s setbacks the other day and told everyone that if nothing else we had 2 nice landscaped boxes with dirt.  My niece suggested that we could use it to play life size battleship.  I can see us out there yelling “C7” and “You sunk my Sunflower!”

Best Mothers Day:  For Mother’s Day my son became obsessed with bringing me breakfast in bed.  He planned and shopped the day before and was totally excited about it.  I was happy at his enthusiasm – he is a total tween and doesn’t get enthused at much of anything involving family lately.  I was a little concerned because they were going to have to fix it without Dad’s help and he was convinced I needed scrambled eggs.  So Sunday morning I heard the pitter patter of little feet and the clanking of bowls in the kitchen and then came 2 trays of food.  Scrambled eggs (cooked in Olive Oil – lots of Olive Oil – yes they glistened and luckily slid down without having to chew), fried ham, toast with jelly and peanut butter on the side, a granola bar, a Gogurt,  orange juice, chocolate milk and a Twinkie and Reese’s peanut butter egg for dessert.  It was an interesting mix… but I got a bigger kick at how happy it made him to have made it.  And I got the best thing a mother could ask for from my daughter – a picture of her glued to 4 popsicle sticks all tricked out with glitter, pink paint and bedazzles.  Yes I love the bike I got last year and the diamond earrings a few years before that, but I think this year is my favorite.

Katsup vs. Mustard:  As I was writing this blog I called home to check on the kids and talked to my daughter who is beyond excited because tonight she has a softball game and her teacher is coming to watch.  Double the excitement she is playing one of her classmates who is this weeks “best friend forever.”  Their team color this year is yellow.  Not your everyday mustard yellow or canary yellow but neon highlighter  yellow.  So they call themselves the “The Highlighters” which is more creative than “Team #15” as they are shown on the schedule.  She told me they were playing the “Apples” tonight so I asked the obvious question – “Is the other team red?”  “Yes.” she told me with a hint of duh in her voice.  Then in the best Harry Caray voice she said “It’s gonna be like Katsup vs Mustard tonight.”


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