5K Weekend

750,000 – number of text messages Teagan sent from B’s phone in 24 hours.  (actually the amount of money raised for the American Brain Tumor Association.)

Epic Weather Event – there were two.  The first was driving through Lafayette in pouring down rain but needing my sunglasses because the sun was blinding.  B has a nice picture of the rainbow on her phone…  The 2nd was the intense fog in Chicago.  From Soldier Field you could not see the Sears tower.

The One Stop Fun Stop – This is the gas station we stopped at in Chalmers, IN to potty and buy drinks.  Shout out to Rich Kelly from Chalmers, IN.

Chocolate Cake – What Teagan thought she would be allowed to eat for dinner at Portillos.

Best Continental Breakfast – The Fairfield Inn & Suites in Merrillville.  The hotel itself left a lot to be desired, but they had the best breakfast offerings including:  Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, several kinds of yogurt, muffins, doughnuts, bagels, a waffle maker, cereal, fresh fruit, coffee, milk……..  yeah you get the idea 🙂

Worst Directions – from the GPS on B’s phone (later named Caroline because of her British accent) who told us to take 912.  912 is the road that goes to no where except steel plants in Gary.  Caroline kept telling us to “Make a legal U-turn” — Caroline has never been to Gary, IN.

The Bubble Gum Test – Teagan still calls Bubba Gump’s “Bubble Gum’s” by mistake or just because she is 7 it’s hard to tell.  On the kids menu there are questions about the movie like “What was the name of Forrest’s boat?”  Teagan sat an answered every one in alternating colors of crayon like she was taking a test.

Checking the Route for Traffic – Caroline….we are on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, by the time you check the route for traffic we will have passed the exit for Navy Pier and been run over by 16 Taxi’s.  PS Caroline you can’t make a legal U-turn on Lake Shore Dr either!

150 – height of the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel that Teagan was soooooo excited to ride.

“Hi Barry? Yeah Teagan Baughn here…” On the way home B was teasing Teagan that they had passed a new law that you had to be 18 to have a cell phone.  Teagan became immediately defensive saying “I’ll call somebody and ask!” and B said “Who are you going to call?” Without a moment’s hesitation she answered very matter-of-factly “Barack Obama.”


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  1. PS – check out the Ferris Wheel pictures on the AnDeeBee Files blog, click the link at the right!

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