Worth my weight in Gold

weight (weyt)–noun 1.

the amount or quantity of heaviness or mass; amount a thing weighs
I do not like the current pre-occupation the media has with what everyone should weigh.  Well… not just the media but everyone in general.  I can see why.  I saw it the other day while at a baseball game.  There were several people who could barely fit into a stadium seat.  Several.  I hear daily on various TV shows that as a nation we are overweight and out of shape.  And I don’t disagree.  But I also disagree with the media monsters who are trying to make us into stick figures.
Case in point:  my 11-year-old son who weighs 75lbs (with a roll of quarters in his pocket) can wear a women’s size small.  He wanted a Puma jacket and the Puma outlet store doesn’t sell children’s sizes, so we found a black Puma jacket in the women’s section.  Size Small.  At the baseball game we visited the souvenir shop and they had a selection of “women’s” t-shirts and jerseys.  Although I didn’t make him try them on I doubt the small would have fit him.  Based on several of the women I saw at the game I have a feeling they are losing money in the women’s t-shirt section.
So to be a size small I would need to weigh roughly 75lbs – or basically the size and shape of an 11-year-old boy.  What is that like a size “0”?  I didn’t even weigh that in my skinny days.  I think I weighed that in the 5th grade.  And in case you really want to feel bad about yourself visit Aeropostal where the ladies jeans sizes start at 3/4.  No that’s not a size 3 or 4 it’s a size 3/4 – as in less than 1.  At this rate by the time my daughter is in high school they will have a size “E” for “evaporated” or “emaciated.”
We were flipping through the TV channels the other day at work and came across a station that plays black & white shows like “I Love Lucy” and “Green Acres.”  I had to laugh at the general “nosy neighbor” character I saw on both shows.  The middle-aged woman who is dressed in a frumpy dress to hide her size 12 figure next to the star who is about a size 8ish.  Girls from the day had curves!  Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 thank you very much.  Today the “nosy neighbor” is usually a size 4 (on Desperate Housewives there is a standard size 2) wearing 4 inch stiletto heels, micro mini skirt and cleavage popping halter top.
Now all my ranting aside I don’t plan on suing anyone anytime soon.  Like the poor girl who is suing Hooters because they don’t make her size of orange shorts.  I guess her life long dream is to be a Hooters girl (side note:  aim higher in life).  But much to her dismay, Hooters girls shorts come in 3 sizes:  extra small, small and medium (side note: I know this because one of the girls I used to work with worked at Hooters).  So I’m guessing based on the size charts referenced above, the most you could weigh to work at Hooters is about 115 – 120lbs.  She has decided to sue Hooters to provide a size large shorts.  Now although I don’t agree with current sizing charts I also live in the real world where I would love to advise this young girl one thing:  No body wants to see 10 lbs of sausage stuffed into a 5 lb sack.  If they don’t make your size shorts, it means you shouldn’t be wearing them in the first place! 
But that is a whole different topic to blog about……. why you should own a full length mirror.

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