5 Year Anniversary

Today is the 5th Anniversary of Teagan’s Tumor.  So she gets to be the guest blogger.

She picked out some pictures to share from the hospital to the end of chemo.  And the comments are all her.  I just typed what she said.

“I look sad.”  This was the day after surgery.

“This is the time G’ma and I had a tea party” – about 1 week out of the hospital.

“This is me & daddy dancing”  – April 2008 at “Teagan’s Dance” fundraiser (3 months into chemo)

“I look like my dad!! Baldy” (giggle giggle)  and “Curse you chemo!” –  May 2008

“Cried most of this paint off on the log ride” – September 2008 at Kings Island (8 months into chemo)

“Last day of chemo! I miss Miss Molly!”  (sob sob) – April 2009 14 months of chemo DONE!

“Then Supergirl dat oh!”  – May 2009 at the End of Chemo Luau party with B’s BFF’s

“My GRRRR face, gotta get your head in the game.  I look like a T-Rex, seriously dude look at my arm.  T-Rex look gooood in blue!”

Soccer September 2012 ***** 5 YEARS TUMOR FREE*****  “Ha ha in yo face tumor!”

She’s still laughing…. and now she can’t stop …. about her last comment.  She’s afraid she’s going to get the hiccups.

Next:  More guest blogging from Teagan


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