Guest Blogger: Teagan Grace “Jean” Baughn

I wanted to call this “walking corndogs” but Mom wouldn’t let me.  When mom talks it’s in (these).  The rest is me.

(About being sick)

I was in pre-school and we were making butterflies and all of a sudden my hand curled up. And my teacher said “Quit fighting me” and I said “I’m not fighting you.” So she had me and Mom stay after school and she talked to us. And I went home and Dad was “like come on Teagan give me a high five” and I couldn’t and Dad said “come on Teagan you’re just being goofy” and I said “No I’m not.” I was really terrified because I was just really young.

(About going to the Hospital)

We went to Dr. Unison and he tried to open my hand and they then they took pictures of my brain. Which was kind of awesome ‘cause I got to see pictures of my brain. Then they put me in surgery and they took the tumor out. I remember bubby (Dawson) visiting me almost every day —- because he loves me. (From across the room “No I don’t – I had to go” he was so much cuter when he was 9) Me and my dad would watch Flushed Away and Cars and every day for breakfast I had Tiger Cereal with cut up bananas and chocolate milk. We had Pudding Cup and Fruit Cup. My mommy was the Fruit Cup and Daddy was the Pudding Cup. I got that off of Hannah Montana. I remember my friend Adison coming to visit me and Taylor and Buffy too. Lot’s of the firemen came and saw me. I remember the playroom at the 3rd floor – that was fun. I remember chucking stuffed animals at Brad and Brittney until one of them went to find my Daddy.

(About coming Home)

It was different, my bed was different from the hospital bed. But my breakfast wasn’t different because I got Tiger Cereal and bananas every day. I remember coming home and having a welcome home party. A lot of family was there. It was different at home because I was used to beeping noises all night and hearing doctors talking.

(About finding out about having a 2nd surgery and a Button)

When I found out I had to have surgery again I was a little scared. Then they told me I was going to have a button (IV port) and I thought I was going to become a robot. Seriously, because I thought the button would stand out and I could press it. I don’t remember the 2nd surgery. I remember my Mom bringing me a stuffed dog named “homer” on the day I got to go home.

(About Chemo)

I remember Miss Molly bringing me I Spy books to look at so I wouldn’t look at the needle when they stuck it in my button. I also remember when Miss Paula would give the button a “drink” (IV flush) and Daddy would make drinking sounds. I remember playing with the big dollhouse and when Dawson came he played the Xbox. I put my pre-school graduation picture on the wall there and it’s still there. My favorite fish in the fish tank there was a sucker fish. One day I was reading the hot dog book to Miss Molly and my face turned bright red and I couldn’t breathe and it was scary. Luckily they fixed me so I could breathe.  (About half way through chemo she became allergic to one of the chemo drugs and her throat started swelling up and they basically yanked the IV out and gave a lot of Benadryl quickly)

(About the last 5 years)

It’s been fun and rough. I wish my hand would get better so I can be a normal kid.

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6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Teagan Grace “Jean” Baughn

  1. To Teagan, Being “normal” is so overrated! Besides….who defined normal. You are the best 10 year old girl I know and you’re the most silly, spontaneous, abnormal person I know, and that is what makes you so special and why I love you so much ❤

  2. Teagan,
    You are the prettiest girl I know. We are so proud of you and think about you everyday. Keep up with all the wonderful things you do in your life that make you who you are!!! We will have to get together soon and go to Orange Leaf!!!!
    Love you,
    The Galls (Remington, Colton, Tricia, and Duke)

  3. Teagan,

    I saw on the VB page that you were an ambassador! I was trying to explain to my husband what you had been through and found this blog. I miss seeing your smiling and beautiful face every day. You are a special young lady and are going to do such amazing things in your life!

    Mrs. Rosenbaum

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