Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

So After I started reading the Caring Bridge entries last night I started to remember how much fun Teagan used to have “writing” them.  She would sit with me and tell me all the things she wanted to say and I would type all of the things she said.  Basically anywhere you go with Teagan it’s sunny.  So after looking through the Caring Bridge site I picked a few things from the first three months of therapy that show her sunshine. Keep in mind this is a girl who has to go every week and get a low dose of chemotherapy that made her tired and sometimes sick and unable to see her friends sometimes and not always able to play games or do things she wanted to do.

Written Feb 1, 2008

Just a few short words from Teagan today:

1) “I miss my class!! You guys are my best friends and I love you.”

2) “I love you daddy – and you’re my favorite daddy in the whole world”

3) “Hannah Montana ROCKS!!”

4) “Miley Cyrus ROCKS too!!”

5) (“think… Teagan…. think, hey mom my brain isn’t awake what should I say”)
This is a lengthy ramble so stay with me…. “I love you Sara you’re my favorite cousin, oh yeah and B too (interject Dawson “what about me?”) and Dawson (interject mom “he’s not your cousin” interject Dawson “what about Brad?” ….. (long sigh) I love you whole family your the best family in the whole wide world.”

Written Feb 13, 2008

I have a loose tooth. It’s my first one ever. It scared me at first, when I found it I hid in mom and dad’s closet. I think it’s going to hurt when it comes out. Bubby said it doesn’t, but then he told me it would bleed. I’m pretty sure if it bleeds it’s going to hurt. I’m also not eating anything that may assist in pulling it out. I won’t even bite into bread unless somebody makes me.

Next…….. I’ve learned to pull off my own band aids. I’m much happier this way. No more fights with mom and dad about pulling them off. And like mom said, the less time they are on, the less they hurt when they come off.

Written Feb 25, 2008

Good morning all my friends! And to all my friend from Shooting Stars I miss you and I love you. Dad’s 40th birthday roller skating party was totally AWESOME!! I can roller skate (hanging on to my mommmy’s-daddy’s-mimmie’s-B’s hand) really good.

PS……. I almost forgot:

CONTRATULATIONS BUBBY!! Way to go on winning the hitting contest at Butler Baseball Camp. Can I play with the bat and ball you won?? That was so awesome that you nearly tied their all time record. YOU ROCK!!

Written Mar 5, 2008

I’m kind of sick today. I had a bad night because I couldn’t sleep so now I’m curled up in mom and dad’s bed watching Scooby Doo. I’ve got a Sprite and a dog……. I’m not really happy about the dog (Diablo) he takes up too much room. That’s all I wanted to say….. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel better and will have more to say.

I had fun at B’s softball game on Sunday – even though B didn’t get to play cuz of her broken finger. I’m going to learn how to pitch from her friend Jordan. I lost my first tooth, and now I have another loose one.

Written Mar 18, 2008

I had scrambled eggs, bacon and chocolate milk for breakfast. Yesterday my grandma bought me a funny book called “Dirt on my Shirt” and she also got me fruit snacks and yogurt.

OK that’s all………

O wait…….. I feel bad for B cuz she broke her finger.




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