Guest Blogger Bailout – Fruit Cup to the Rescue

You know that tiny voice in the back of your head that says…. “I should write a blog today because there’s a chance my husband will forget he’s the guest blogger”  I should have listened to it.  No worries….. he PROMISES he will do it tomorrow.

Meanwhile for those of you following along if need a guide to who some of the people mentioned in the previous blogs here it is (I’m hopeful more than just family is reading this):

Dr Young is the pediatric neurosurgeon

Dr Goodman is the pediatric oncologist

Dr Unison is our pediatrician

B(Brittney), Brad and Sara are her cousins

Miss Molly is a child life specialist – cool career choice

Miss Kathy is her physical therapist

Miss Christen is her occupational therapist

Miss Paula and Miss Shelly are pediatric oncology nurses

Waffle is her faithful stuffed cat

Diablo and Ramey were our dogs 5 years ago, both have since passed away

Bam and Princess are our current dogs


Oh yeah and the explanation of Fruit Cup and Pudding Cup:

Hannah Montana Season One, Lilly and Miley are fighting over who Jake Ryan likes more Miley or Lilly
Lilly Truscott: So… what are you saying?
Miley Stewart: Gives Lily a weird look
Lilly Truscott: That I’m the canned fruit cup you get when they’re all out of the chocolate pudding!

I am the fruit cup and Dave (guest blogger who bailed) is the chocolate pudding (aka pudding cup).

Hopefully………….. Next: Guest Blogger: Pudding Cup


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