Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~Dr. Seuss

I looked at Caring Bridge again so I can figure out where we are in the chemo phase.  Isn’t it odd how my mind melted 14 months together as one and I had forgotten the smaller details?  So we’re entering April and May of 2008 which were extremely busy months because we were involved in so many fundraisers.  I decided tonight’s blog should be a giant THANK YOU to all the people who helped us out and organized & participated in fundraisers.

The Teagan Baughn fund – organized by the Dixon family (Bobbi, Andy and Mary).  Started this for us while we were still in the hospital.

“Dine for Donation at Applebee’s” – organized by the Dixon’s and Plainfield Fire Department (I talked about this earlier in my blogs).  The manager at Applebee’s commented that of all the “Dine for Donation’s” they had in the past this one raised the most money ever.  Thanks to the hundreds of firefighters who came out to support us – including the departments who let their apparatus mark out of district to come eat lunch or dinner.

Wacky Weenie Wednesday – Organized by Sherri Hause and Carol Williams at Greenwood 911.  Also a “Dine for Donation” kind of fundraiser where, luckily, the Evidence Room Manager at the police station also happened to be the former owner of The Sud’s and still makes the famous coney dogs.  So for your donation you could snarf as many coney dogs and sides and drinks as you wanted.  It just happened to be on a Wednesday — the “Wacky Weenie” part may have been influenced by Spongebob.  Jus’ sayin’.

Cornhole Tournament – Organized by the Fair Family (Todd, Krissy and Hayley).  That was a pretty fun time even though Dave & I can’t win at cornhole to save our lives.  We even got beat by B & Teagan and Sara & Dawson.  But we got to debut the awesome hot pink camouflage “Teagan’s Troops” t-shirts we had made.

This brings us to May/April.  We had decided as a family to participate in a 5K walk/run up in Chicago called “Path to Progress” for the American Brain Tumor Association.  Fundraising efforts weren’t going well when Carol (see above) “the queen of fundraising” came up with an idea to have a comedy night fundraiser.

Humor for the Tumor – organized by Carol Williams.  With special thanks to One Liners Comedy Club (sadly no longer in business) and Dave “The King” Wilson for agreeing to host our event.  And comedian Mike Armstrong for his totally awesome performance that evening.  Just a tip for people looking into fundraisers – hosting a comedy night is fun and awesome!

Now the “BIG ONE.”

Teagan’s Dance – organized by Kathy “Buffy” Dykins and most of the B-shift at Plainfield Fire Department (willingly or not).  Kathy came to stay with us while we were waiting for her 2nd surgery to get done when she said she had an idea – she wanted to have a “Fireman’s Ball” kind of event for Teagan.  You know you always hear about a “Fireman’s Ball” on TV or in the movies but in real life no departments have them anymore (of course I just double checked that fact and I was WRONG – Chicago Fire just re-started the tradition last year).  It was planned for April.  I could not have ever imagined nearly 200 people attending an event honoring our daughter… EVER.  Not only did we have people from our fire department but other fire departments too and fire departments Dave had previously been on, and friends and neighbors and some people we’ve never met.  It was a fun evening and there are not enough thank-you’s in the world to cover all the people who attended.  Thanks you’s I can give out go to Kathy, Ashley Strickland,Wayne Long, Molly McAfee, John Jackson, Dan Speer, Amy Speer — hmm… I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but I can’t remember who else on B-shift helped out.

Here is a journal entry from after the 5K walk in Chicago:

Written Apr 28, 2008 1:32pm

There is no doubt that Chicago earned its name the “windy city.” The weather was actually very nice when we arrived on Friday – but for the walk on Saturday I think the top temp was 40! Other than the chilly temps we had a pretty good time…and towards the end it wasn’t as cold. Dawson got up on the stage and did warm up’s with Ronald McDonald – Ronald has a very distinct Chicago accent :-). We got to meet the Corbin family for the first time – they are really wonderful people and Jeff even wrote Teagan’s name on his running bib along with his mom’s. They were very glad to meet Teagan also, even though Teagan was being “shy Teagan” and not the typical “rock star/diva Teagan” she usually is. Of course she may have just been too cold. Somehow in the sea of 4800 people I managed to find my sister Alison despite the fact I left her phone number at the hotel! It might have been the neon green jogging pants….they tend to stand out in a crowd. Unfortunately we missed Corey…hopefully he got the keys unstuck from the ignition.

We actually finished the walk in 1 hr 44 min, but it took us nearly 20 min before we even got to the start line. The event planners said this was the biggest year ever. I’m really glad Dave’s sister Cheryl decided to join us and walk with us and Carole and Rochelle from Plainfield. It was a pretty fun time and Teagan got out of the stroller and walked across the finish line (her big moment).

Well…… I’m at work so I don’t have Tea with me now but I can tell you some of her highlights from our trip……

She rode in a Taxi for the 1st time (and each additional time became “this is my 3rd first time in a taxi”). She was obsessed with the frog on top of the Rainforest Cafe that you could see from our hotel window. And also the “Rock n Roll” McDonald’s next to it. She was mad Dawson got to exercise with Ronald McDonald and she didn’t. She thinks Bubba Gumps is the coolest place in the world to eat – and still talks about our waiter (who I’d say is really an actor and waiting is his “day job”). And while trying to get to our hotel she enjoyed telling her dad to “ONK” back at everyone.

Awesome cake by Amy Speer for Teagan’s Dance.



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