No Boys Allowed

A long time ago I read a magazine article and it described how the author and her mother had a special thing that only the two of them shared — the collected postcards.  They would spend one day a month together working on their postcard collection by going to flea markets and antique stores.  It was an interest they both shared and enjoyed and gave them a good reason to spend time together.  Teagan was maybe 2 years old when I read it but I was worried that she and I wouldn’t find our “thing” to share.  Then I got upset because I couldn’t think of something my mom and I shared.  That may be when I started taking interest in the spoon collection — you know little travel spoons.  My mom and I search for different ones now when we travel after she found a small collection her mom had started years ago.

Teagan and I found our thing.  It’s not really a collection exactly.

While we were in Gulf Shores on our “escape” we traveled to nearby Orange Beach where they have a shopping area called The Wharf.  At The Wharf there was a 112 ft. Ferris Wheel.  Teagan wanted to ride it.  Dave wouldn’t ride it because he doesn’t like heights (insert here that the ladder truck is 105 ft.).  So immediately Dawson wouldn’t ride it – monkey see, monkey do.  They wanted french fries and milkshakes.  So reluctantly I bought tickets to the Ferris Wheel but I figured she would chicken out or get on and then want off.  I was wrong.  All she needed to know was that her Daddy and brother were too afraid to go on it and she jumped to the front of the line.  We rode the Ferris Wheel.  She LOVED it – she was maybe a little nervous because she thought it would break (I’m asking her about it now and this is how she’s remembering it.).  But she thought it was great because Dawson and Dave were the scaredy cats.  Then…. she wanted to ride it again.  And she started asking if there was higher ones.

When we got back to the condo I started showing her pictures of some big Ferris Wheels like the ones at Navy Pier, Santa Monica Pier and Coney Island.  We started making plans to ride more.  This became our “thing.”  We still haven’t gotten to some of the really big ones — but we have ridden the one at Navy Pier in Chicago (150 ft.) and several other smaller ones at fairs.  Any time she sees a Ferris Wheel she asks if we can stop and ride it.  In a world of 6.3 G-force roller coasters and mega death drop towers Ferris Wheels were losing popularity – until designers figured out they could make them “extreme”ish too.  The tallest in the US is now in Myrtle Beach (200 ft.) with its “sister” wheel just opening this past July in Pensacola Beach – 1 month after our vacation.  The tallest in the world is the Singapore Flyer (541.3 ft), but there are 2 under construction now in Beijing and Las Vegas  that will knock Singapore to 3rd.

I’m not sure we’ll ever make it to Singapore, but I’m pretty sure we can swing Myrtle Beach, Pensacola, Coney Island, Las Vegas and the Santa Monica Pier.  And on the bright side… if my mom comes with us we can also collect spoons. 🙂

the one that started it all


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