A Princess Got Chased By A Dragon ~ Teagan

Cheating tonight….  Reprint of Teagans best story EVER (according to her of course).

Written Nov 20, 2008 8:19pm

I wrote a story about a princess who got chased by a dragon. Here it is:

The little princess got chased by a dragon. Then the prince who likes the princess saved the princess from the dragon. And then the king helped the prince to save the princess but they tried there best. And then everyone has came and saved the princess. The prince he got eaten but everyone had to try to get him out of the dragon’s stomach. But they didn’t try to get him out because the dragon was too tuff for them. Then they got him out and they lived happily ever after.

Dawson is funny. Cuz whenever he takes a sip of his Coke Zero he sounds like a pig. I did good at swimming lessons cuz I like my swimming teacher she’s really cool and awesome. I went under water and got some rings and my swimming teacher she was proud of me.

At Remington’s party we had cheese pizza and sausage pizza. I had cheese. And we got tokens to play some games and me and Remington we rode this fake roller coaster and whenever we went up up up we screamed like this “ARRRRRRGGGHHH!”

I love my Thanksgiving! And I can’t wait for it.

Bam gave me kissy’s on my hand and I wiped it on dad.

Can Dawson and I make a web show? (No!) If we had one we could call it “The D and T show.” (Still no).

That’s all mommy (whispers: do you think people will laugh about it?)

Peace out ….gotta b-ounce


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