My Son Will Make A Great Soccer Mom One Day…..

I have a 14-year-old son who can outshine any Soccer Mom in the Midwest.

He has taken it upon himself to become his younger sisters un-official Soccer Mom.  I think that I spent all my elite soccer mom skills earlier on in his career and now I have little left over for poor Teagan.  Not to worry though, she is well taken care of.  Take tonight for example.  It was 530 and Teagan had practice at 6 and I had not yet gotten out a soccer ball, shin guard or clete.  Dawson, with a certain level of disgust in his voice mentioned that it was time to leave and we weren’t ready yet.  He gets that from his Dad.  Keep in mind it takes exactly….EXACTLY…. five minutes to get to the soccer field.

Before I knew what hit me, Dawson had her clete (only one as the other foot is in a cast – yeah I’m pretty sure she’s not supposed to even be going to soccer practice with a cast on her foot), shin guard and soccer ball out and was helping her get into the shin guard and clete.  He also then shuffled her to the car and got her a water bottle and filled it with water.  If he was 16 and could drive I’m certain I would have watched the car pull out of the garage and he would have just left useless old me sitting at home.  Sadly as I got to the car with her soccer player card in hand – my one thing I had to remember to take to practice – I realized that I had my book, her card, my purse and no keys.  As I exited the car to go back into the house to get the keys I heard a very loud exasperation of “OH MY GOD!!”

All this to get his little sister to practice.  Not to his practice, which was cancelled due to poor field conditions….. because it’s March…. and we’re in Indiana….and it’s only 39 degrees outside.  But to get his sister to her practice – which ironically wasn’t cancelled due to poor field conditions… because it’s March….and we’re in Indiana…. and it’s only 39 degrees outside.  And then he sits and watches her like a mother hen.  And he gets upset if she doesn’t run as fast as the other girls (I have to remind him she is in a cast) or if she misses a pass. When practice is over he helps her collect all her things, listens to any information the coach has to give and shuttles her back to the car.  It’s like I don’t even exist.  I wonder if he does this on the nights I work when it’s him and his dad taking her to soccer?

I guess maybe I should feel less useless and more proud that he has obtained these skills from my earlier model soccer mom days.  Back in the days when matching snacks with juice boxes was more important than the actual game.  I am proud that he is fairly responsible for a 14-year-old boy.   He has for the past 2 1/2 years been responsible at least one day a week for getting him and his sister ready and dropping her off at the neighbor’s house before he goes to the school bus.  I guess maybe that’s why he’s taken on the role of her Soccer Mom.  Oh well…….. I shouldn’t complain it takes off the pressure off of me!

I see him one day dragging his poor child to the soccer field with a cooler full of Gatorade, fruit and cookies.  And he will get there 25 minutes before any of the other parents even leave the house.  He will have his child with perfectly matched shoes and socks and shorts.  He will be the parent rolling the ball to the kid as the other less exuberant parents show up.  And this will happen when my poor grandchild is only 3 years old more interested in the dandelions in the field than the soccer ball.  Oh yeah….. about the age Dawson started playing soccer.  Actually the EXACT age Dawson started playing soccer.  HMMMMM………….




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