Recipe for Childhood Cancer


(( Credit for this idea goes to Mrs. Pineda — this “Emotion Recipe” is actually Teagan’s Homework tonight))

Lemon cupcakes recipe

Recipe For:  Childhood Cancer                        From the Kitchen of:  Andi Baughn                  Serves: 32 kids every day


1 Cup Fear                                                          3/4 Cup Anger

2 Pints Anxiety                                                   2 Cups Courage – thinly sliced

3 Quarts Hope                                                   3 Tablespoons loneliness

1 Tablespoon Luck                                            1 Box of Frosted Flakes (a.k.a. Tiger Cereal)

Directions for Preparation:

Preheat oven to 350F degrees.  In a large mixing bowel beat Fear, Anxiety and Anger until fluffy or until you feel better about beating them.  Quickly add in Luck.  Mix in generous amounts of Hope and Courage.  Line 32 cupcake liners with Loneliness and pour batter evenly in each liner.  Bake for 6 weeks to 14 months depending on type of cancer involved.  Top with crushed Frosted Flakes….. because childhood cancer just isn’t the same with Tony the Tiger.  Serve to Friends and Family and explain that they should pass this recipe on to everyone they know because the only way to CURE this is for more people to be AWARE of how many children it effects daily.

For Teagan’s writing assignment tonight they had to come up with an Emotion and then write a recipe for what makes up that emotion.  She picked anger — not sure why exactly but she had a lot of good “ingredients.”  Yes I know Childhood Cancer isn’t an “emotion” but trust me it comes with a whole lot of emotions.  I’m actually glad I did this post instead of the anger filled post I had planned.  September is a very hard month for me – but I will make it because I can share Teagan’s homework assignment with you – because she is one of the 328,000 childhood cancer survivors.




2 thoughts on “Recipe for Childhood Cancer

  1. I remember September 7th very well, it was a Friday and I was waiting to leave work, waiting to hear from Mom what was going on with Teagan, and trying to hurry to get the hospital, then the phone call came as I was headed that way, and it was Sara trying to tell me what was wrong and she couldn’t even talk, and then the phone was handed to Mom and she told me. I can’t even remember how I got to the hospital. Cancer is an emotion, the sound of the word brings on all kinds of emotion. Love you guys!

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