Thank you Facebook

I’ve started and stopped this blog at least 10 times.

The theme has changed twice. And I realized it’s because I’ve been in “Anti-Christmas” mode.  I hate how the time frame between Thanksgiving and Christmas suddenly becomes 10 times more important than the other 11 months of the year.  I always say I’m not a Christmas-y person.  I finally realized that it’s not that at all.  It’s the level of importance that is placed on anything and everything that happens between the 4th Thursday in November to December 25th that grates my nerves.  So putting my “Anti-Christmas” mode aside….

Here is my new blog post, compliments of Facebook. Facebook has been entertaining to watch this New Year’s Eve (and during the Holiday’s in general)… but tonight I keep checking in to see all kinds of fun things – cute babies dressed up for New Year, friends drinking, friends not drinking (most of them would be the ones that are on duty), people’s drunken and not so drunken resolutions and recounts of the ups and downs of 2013. As I was scrolling Facebook asked me if I’d like to see my year in review.  Well sure Facebook I’d love to see my year in review – thanks for asking!  Facebook and I have a very close relationship.  Facebook always asks me what’s on my mind, who I’m with, where I’m at, how I’m feeling, what I’m reading, what I’m drinking, what I’m watching and where I might be going.  Ok in all honesty Facebook might be considered a little controlling by always asking these questions, but Facebook is still my friend. So in my year in review Facebook reminded me:

  • I take more pictures of my bulldog than my kids


  • at some point on a report card Dawson had 1 A, 2 B’s and 4 C’s (yes that’s good)
  • I won at roulette at French Lick Casino – and from what I remember had a great time there with Dave’s shift.
  • I looked smokin’ hot in my JoLo dress and Vera Wang heels at the fire department awards banquet (sure why not – let’s just go with that ok?)
  • Teagan became a True Hero Ambassador for Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital
  • I participated in my first ever flash mob
  • Teagan looked better than me (see above) when she went to the  “Prom” with her Dad – and she has mastered the “suck it!” face


  • Dawson played 8th grade baseball
  • Dawson played in one soccer tournament and got a 2nd concussion that ended soccer and baseball for over 6 weeks.
  • Teagan dressed up as a “cancer doctor” for career day at school – because she couldn’t spell oncologist
  • Teagan had her picture taken with Peyton Manning – again
  • I did get to shake Peyton Manning’s hand – again
  • Dawson went to his 8th grade dance, sorta kinda with a date
  • Dave & I were too cute riding the carousel at Holiday World
  • Contrary to popular belief – I do not have the worst luck when travelling
  • We finished our deck… sort of…. It’s a work in progress
  • Teagan had 2 good MRI’s and got cleared to only have to come back for yearly check ups
  • Dawson celebrated his 15th birthday on the 1st day of HIGH SCHOOL
  • Someone put this on my Facebook page:  Some people just lack the ability to realize that everyone in the room just wants them to shut up
  • If you eat a cupcake with blue sprinkles – those might be “blue ball” sprinkles
  • Bulldogs look dapper in Colts blue neckties
  • Pat McAfee!!!!! – (this is my status A LOT during Colts games – usually when he makes an awesome full impact tackle on some punt returner)


  • Teagan & I attended the ballet for the first time
  • Dave and Teagan made Who pudding for Christmas Eve

Things Facebook forgot to review (most occurred in the last week – some prior):

  • A karaoke machine is an entertaining way to find out your kids don’t know the words to ANY songs they try to sing –but they think they are total rock stars
  • Dogs will eat random dollar bills lying around in spots usually reserved for food (like countertops)
  • I won the Christmas trivia contest at my mom’s house – odd for someone who was in “Anti-Christmas” mode however not odd for someone who knows thousands of random and useless facts
  • There is no way without a calculator to figure out how many presents a person would receive if they got everything listed in the 12 days of Christmas in less than 5 minutes
  • I was more excited about getting the “best decorated gift bag” than the Oaken Barrel gift certificate inside
  • The one thing I LOVE about Christmas is Christmas music (yes I said I love something about Christmas – insert “suck it” face here)
  • Captain and Coke slushies made with snow are the best thing EVER

capt and coke 2

  • My oldest nephew totally rocks the Cousin Eddie costume – I really wish I had a picture!
  • Fast & Furious movie marathons aren’t just for teenagers
  • Getting an 18 month old a Tonka fire truck with lights and sirens and then letting him see a real fire truck with lights and sirens outside his Papa & Gigi’s makes Dave a very popular uncle – and my Dad & Marilyn’s neighbors curious as to why there were lights and sirens
  • No matter how much you like your job or your coworkers it totally blows to have to work on both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day and sends that Anti-Christmas mode into hyperdrive

Well that’s about all for me for 2013 ……. This blog was brought to you thanks largely in part to Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown Band, the Beatles and Kelly Clarkson who provided wonderful background music via my headphones so I could block out the love/hate sibling rivalry going on ….. and the karaoke machine.


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