Shopping for the Apocalypse


Every so often someone who reads this blog says “you should write about __________.”

After writing last week about what people of certain age groups buy when there is a potential of being stranded or snowed in, my mom said, “You should write about what Dawson and Teagan would buy if they were going to be snowed in.”

So if you read Adventures in People Watching and you were concerned as I was about what the Gen Y’ers were buying for winter storm Janus (PS when and why did we start naming winter storms??) wait until you see what the Gen Z’ers plan for.  You might be surprised… I was.

One thing that I’ve come to realize as I’m writing this blog is that my kids and most Gen Y’ers in this area have never really experienced a true power outage.  Unless there has been some type of weather disaster in your area recently most people haven’t experienced wide-spread power outages or outages lasting more than a day.  And to be honest it’s hard for me to remember what it was like back when the big blizzard of ’78 (named the Cleveland Superbomb – apparently we were naming winter storms back in the 70’s) struck or when severe thunderstorms could knock the power out at my mom’s house in the country for 3 or 4 days.  But I do remember a little.  Of course I remember silly things like giant snow drifts taller than I was and my sister finding a puppy who was appropriately named Blizzard.  I had cereal and milk and bologna sandwiches and was never the wiser that there was a crisis.

The concept of planning ahead for being snowed in or not having power is just not something younger generations grasp.  I blew my daughters mind the other day when I told her we had to pay for electricity and heat and water.  “You pay for that?? Why??”  I really didn’t have an answer for the why but then I showed her the utility bills and she decided she was living with us for the rest of her life.  Maybe this will inspire the Gen Z’ers to solve the energy crisis – or they will be like my kids and just plan on living at home for the rest of their lives.

So I asked my kids:


Teagan’s initial response was:  electronics, toys, candy and drinks.

Dawson’s initial response was:  I’m inviting my friends over for 5 days to party!

Ok, but what specifically would you buy?

Teagan said 2 boxes each of Krave cereal, Reese Cup cereal, Gushers and Fruit by the Foot.  Dawson said he would buy “steakies” and “chickies.”  For those of you not accustomed to Dawson-ese that is the Tyson pre-cooked chicken or steak strips.  Okaaayyyy.  Back to Teagan, any other ideas?  Potato chips, Honey Buns, Reese Cups and maybe a couple of books to read.  There must have been a spark in my eye when she said books because Dawson countered with a “RIIIIIIIIGHT.”  So she continued:  ice cream, waffles, JELLO, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, yogurt and medicine – ‘cause somebody might get sick.

“Oh whatEVER!  I’m done!  Like she’d really get medicine!”  Dawson left the room.

Laughing I asked if she wanted anything else.  Of course:  strawberry banana smoothies and a mini fridge.  Then she asked, “Wait…. Can we get all this stuff?”


“But you made a list; we have to get it if you made a list.”

“No, it was just a question for a blog.”

“But I really wanted the mini fridge.”

Who would you rather be snowed in with?  A 11-year-old girl with 4 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes of fruit snacks, potato chips, honey buns, Reese cups, books, ice cream, waffles, JELLO, cinnamon rolls, yogurt, medicine, strawberry banana smoothies and a mini fridge.

Or… A 15-year-old boy with several of his friends and pre-cooked chicken and steak strips.

I don’t think either one of them understood the whole concept that they wouldn’t be leaving the house for FIVE days in this scenario.  If I would have added a power outage into the mix I think they might have just looked at me like I was stupid – what do you mean power outage?  The power doesn’t go out.  I mean these are the same kids who “barely survived” (their words not mine) a severe thunderstorm in Florida with a five-hour power outage – see Beach Blanket Blog-O II.

Yeah…… I’m staying with Teagan and her mini fridge and her mountain of junk food.


2 thoughts on “Shopping for the Apocalypse

  1. Perhaps a few vials of insulin with the mountain of sugar LOL!

    Hey! You know what you should write about on your blog? As a follow up, of course.

    Get a couple of MRE’s (bet one of your ammo buying co-workers could help) and video the kiddos preparing and eating the things. Bet that would be kind of a hoot.

    1. And I just bet that you would be that doomsday-prepper-zombie-apocalypse kind of co-worker who would have said MRE’s! Actually I think Dave has some in his Rescue bag… pretty sure they would look at me and laugh!

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