“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls

mean girls

The title to this blog is not my favorite quote from the movie Mean Girls…. My favorite is “Boo you whore!” but I wasn’t sure anyone would read this if it was titled “Boo you whore!” 

This blog was written last summer but I held off on posting it (I had to explain that because it references outdoor summer soccer).  I decided tonight just seemed like a good night……

My mom posed an interesting question the other day.  How are these young girls (speaking of 10 and 11 year olds) so mean this early in life?  This question came after Teagan was recounting an incident that happened in school where she was told her hair style (pigtails) made her look like a teapot and that you aren’t supposed to wear your hair like that.  This occurred when she was in 1st grade.  So from that point on she no longer wanted to wear her hair in any type of ponytail.  It took me nearly 3 months before she told me why she didn’t want to wear her hair up anymore – when I found out, I was pretty unhappy.  I couldn’t believe that at age 6 or 7 there was a little girl berating another little girl because she didn’t like her hairstyle.  This was the first of many incidents regarding shoes, shirts, pants, jeans, hairstyles, backpacks, lunch boxes etc…. that we have had to get replaced because of someone making fun of her choices.

So the answer to my mom’s question came to me the other afternoon.  It wasn’t like it was a big revelation as I have come to meet some of the mothers of the girls who like to make fun of other girls and I can assure you that these girls have learned this behavior from the mom.  But the other afternoon I was waiting for Dawson to finish soccer practice and it was a nice breezy afternoon so I parked and rolled my windows down.  Next to me were two ladies also waiting for their kids – also enjoying the breezy afternoon with the windows rolled down.  I tried really hard to focus on my radio station or the butterfly flying by or just about anything but the annoying and loud conversation they were having.

They were discussing their friend “Christie.”  Poor Christie…. She had the worst hairdo the other day.  It looked like someone threw her hair into a salad spinner.  No I’m not paraphrasing they actually said that.  And her outfit was hideous, I mean she really needs to quit trying to squeeze herself into the Junior’s size and buy something that doesn’t show off her rolls of fat.  I was trying so hard not to eavesdrop anymore I turned the radio up but it didn’t work.  It seems the berating of Christie was due to her making and selling similar jewelry on ETSY as the lady parked next to me.  This was a HUGE issue to them – because Christie copied her jewelry design.  I realize I was at the high school but at 41 years old I didn’t think I was still in high school.  And these ladies were every bit in my age range because when the boys came out I recognized her son and he is 2 years older than mine.

I’m not sure if this is the norm or an exception.  The reason I don’t know is because my job obscures my objectivity.  At my job this is the norm.  Yes people call the police for things like copy-cat jewelry designs, neighbors who don’t rake their leaves, or rake their leaves into other people’s yards, ugly cars parked on the street (no not suspicious cars, just because they are old or run down) and kids bouncing basketballs too loudly. No I’m not kidding.  And sadly I could go on and on …….  So I see the really bad side of people – maybe not “bad” as much as annoying.  I guess I just don’t get how someone can let so many trivial things rule their life to the point that they call the police or a lawyer or sit and berate someone loudly in a parking lot to their other friends.

Admittedly I don’t deal well with drama.  I really don’t deal well with “girl” drama.  And I am learning I categorically don’t deal well with 5th grade “girl” drama.  I think back to middle school or high school and sometimes want to time machine myself back to 1986 and smack the holy living hell out of myself.  But that was me then, and I am almost completely opposite of that girl now.  Why did I change?  There are A LOT of reasons, but I’m glad I did.  My daughter, however, may not feel the same about my transformation as I am constantly reminding her to “be the bigger person” or “walk away from that situation.”  Despite my best advice she somehow keeps finding herself smack in the middle of some type of drama though.  And when she finds herself faced with confrontation she usually backs down – until she doesn’t.  And when explodes it’s like a firework! Remember that “mom influence” I was bitching about above?  Yeah I’m guilty of it too.  While I may not influence her to make fun of others or berate people who are different from her I have found that she has a knack for not backing down and saying whatever pops into her head (which sometimes is NOT good!).  While I have grown a filter from my brain to my mouth that usually works or at least waters down what I may be thinking, hers hasn’t quite grown in yet.  We’re working on that. 

Am I really that outspoken? And if people think I’m outspoken with my filter in place – dear GOD what would happen if anyone ever heard my inside voice!

Hopefully she learns to be a little more tactful as she grows up.  Hopefully she remembers me reminding her to “be the bigger person” just like my grandmother reminded me… DAILY… while growing up.  Note to Nana in Heaven: I finally caught on.  Further note to Nana in Heaven: You never said being the bigger person usually sucks and really doesn’t make you feel any better (I mean if we’re being honest).  All lessons my adorable 11-year-old tween drama queen needs to learn – hopefully sooner rather than later as I’m not sure I can handle 7 more years of this.

Ps….. Boo you whore! 🙂


2 thoughts on ““On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls

  1. I think its just important to take everything (yes everything) with a grain of salt. ESPECIALLY when we do what we do.

    Case in point: I was sitting in the VP parking lot at Emerson and Main St with a flat tire about ten or so years ago. I had no spare, but Pomps Tire was enroute, I had my soft drink in hand, and it was a beautiful night. Suddenly there was a knock at the window and a woman asked if I was OK. I said I was fine, and was waiting on a wrecker. Without pause she said, I just wanted to check, hope this helps, and passed me a few bills.

    Almost. Eighty. Dollars. (IIRC)

    She wouldn’t take it back either. “Just pay it forward.” And she was gone.

    I guess my point is this…. We pay attention to drama. Drama gets noticed. Kindness is often more subtle, but is much more powerful. And I guess we all fall into that trap.

    Sometimes its worth getting a reminder that most people really are good inside and out.

    1. You know I think you’re right Matt, most people are truly good hearted individuals who maybe every now and then slip a bit (myself included). It really is hard to see that from where we sit 40.25 hours every week so I probably have lost site of it. And you’re so right that the random acts of kindness that happen every day aren’t played up nearly as much as all the drama drama drama. And I was pleased today to find that on Facebook at least two of my friends were posting thanks for someone’s kindness. Kindness is out there…… I just need to look a little harder for it!!

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