“People need a passport to come down here” Reese Witherspoon

There are different rules in the south.

Rules that you need to know before you come down here.  And oddly for all the times I’ve travelled south to Alabama they have different rules there than the rules here.  First, you can buy alcohol any day of the week even on Sunday.  However all the liquor stores close at 7pm.  I guess you can get drunk 7 days a week but not past 7pm.  Which technically makes it nice because all the drunks pass out around 9 or 10 and they can’t go get anymore until the morning.

Second, and we were told this is a new rule or law or something, if you are travelling from out-of-town you can’t use your debit card as a credit card unless you have informed your bank ahead of time that you are travelling.  WHAT?!?!?!  Of course I called my bank and told them all about my vacation plans.  Because everyone does that.  Dave found this out at the Harry Feeler grocery store (actual name is Harris Teeter but it has had at least 25 name combo’s since we’ve been here).  He went to pay and the card was declined.  The checkout clerk asked if it was a debit card and he said yes and she informed him that unless  he notified his bank ahead of time he was travelling that you couldn’t run it as credit it had to be run as debit.  Again….. WHAT?!?!?!  That’s their idea down here to curb credit card fraud and theft.  Because that’s really convenient for travelers going to a tourist destination.  Balderdash I said.  I’ll show the Harris Teeter that I can go to Walmart and use my card as a credit card.  Nope.  Denied.  Better yet the ONE credit union ATM I’ve found down here keeps spitting out my card and won’t let me get cash so now I’m getting charged $1.00 for every transaction I make or whatever the ATM fee to get cash.

Then there’s driving.  Nobody really knows how to drive.  They slow down when there’s no reason to slow down and they turn right from the left lane.  And unless everyone who’s visiting down here opted for the 3 hour flight and rented a car the plates have South Carolina tags so I’m pretty sure it’s not tourists.

So for a destination that makes millions of dollars on tourism they aren’t very tourist friendly.

Anywho, we’ve been having a pretty good time minus the above rants.  We walked around historic downtown Charleston yesterday and ate taco’s and gelato and pralines.  Dawson was excited to find the Moon Pie store.  We went to the downtown market and looked at saw grass baskets which are a bit pricey for something that grows here naturally.  And other “artsy fartsy” stuff as Dave called it.  The only downside to the market was that it’s also the hub for the all of the horse carriage rides.  So there’s a “horsey” smell as your walking.  And by horsey smell I mean it smells like a stable.  Dave loves horses and he was thrilled when one decided it needed to pee right next to him.  But we could hear some of the tour guides as they went by giving us little tidbits of information about the town and history.

We found out that letting Teagan eat a Moon Pie, chocolate gelato, an unknown amount of salt water taffy and sample of Pralines with an RC chaser sends her into a sugar rush that might be the equivalent of giving her an IV of pure cane sugar.  Yep I’m a great parent.  It was like watching  ping-pong ball in a wind tunnel.  If the ping-pong ball talked the entire time and never took a breath.

Next adventure is the wedding.  The whole reason we came down here.  We’ll see how that goes!



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