Vacation: The final frontier!

family vacation

There is a trick to driving in South Carolina.

Unfortunately there is no guide to explain what that trick may or may not be.  By Friday I’m pretty sure Dave was at the end of his rope trying to figure it out.  Add to that we went back to downtown Charleston to visit the College of Charleston to buy Dawson’s girlfriend a shirt.  She’s originally from South Carolina and wants to go to school down there — hey maybe we should’ve asked her for driving tips.  So we found the bookstore for the college and decided to make a loop to find parking.  Wow for summer there sure are a lot of people at this school!  I saw the green P for Parking just a second to late so Dave maneuvered us over a lane so we could easily make a few turns and be back at the parking lot.  Then we got behind a car with Georgia license plates and a Tennessee volunteer sticker in the window.  She was going EXACTLY 10 mph.  Some of the things that came out of Dave’s mouth I’m not even sure are actual words.  Luckily she realized someone was behind her and she pulled to the right so we could pass her.  As soon as we did a truck cut us off.  I was trying really hard not to laugh at this point because I noticed this truck had a Tennessee license plate and a Georgia bulldog sticker.  Once I pointed that out Dave laughed a bit, at least I think it was a laugh or grumble or something.  Oh hey look a sign “Welcome Freshman and Parents!”  No wonder there are people and cars every where.  We did park and get a shirt and eat at an overpriced were-on-a-college-campus-so-we-can-charge-more deli.

Overall it was a pretty good vacation.  There are always quirks though – or at least I always seem to find the quirks.  Like the night Dave & Dawson opted for a BBQ place for dinner while the rest of us went for seafood.  As we were leaving the seafood place Teagan’s shoe came untied so I bent down to re-tie it.  Some random drunk guy from the outdoor bar came up behind me like he was going to smack my butt but I stood up before he did.  Probably really lucky for him I stood up before he smacked me because although I didn’t have car keys wedged between my fingers like I normally would when I leave somewhere my 1st instinct probably would have been a right hook.  Then he put his arm around me and my sister and wanted a kiss on the cheek for “no hard feelings.”  I know he was drunk but SERIOUSLY??  We pointed him in the direction of friends who were laughing hysterically.  This is why I hate people.  And I didn’t have my “Bud Whistle.”  My co-workers know about my “Bud Whistle.”  It’s a whistle (with a compass) that Dave bought me as a joke after the creepy 70+ year old IT guy from my work showed up at the rec center while me and another girl from work were doing water aerobics.  From now on the whistle is coming with me when I travel.

Now to make things a little more exciting while we’re driving 700 miles I made up another scavenger hunt.  Here is the list:

  1. Item from a gas station/truck stop bathroom vending machine 10 points

  2. Maps of at least 2 states from a rest area 10 points

  3. Picture with your team setting off a firework on side of road 50 points

  4. License plate # from a semi in the mountains 10 points

  5. A “” picture 30 points

  6. A bag of Gilliam Horehound Sanded Candy 10 points

  7. 1 point for each condiment stolen from Chik-fil-A unlimited

  8. Picture of a working payphone 25 points

  9. Fortune Cookie from a Chinese restaurant 5 points

  10. Bonus points if the fortune in #9 has the word happy in it 10 points

  11. Weekly store ad from a store that we don’t have in Indiana 5 points

  12. A Sand dollar (not purchased from a store) 50 points

  13. Get someone named “Sara” or “Teagan” to sing a Tegan & Sara song 5 points

  14. Find a gas station with more coolers of beer than pop 20 points

  15. Picture of Dave or Dawson eating seafood 30 points

  16. Best Reason to disqualify someone’s “Slug A Bug” 15 points **

  17. Matchbook from a restaurant w/ their logo on it 100 points

  18. A receipt for exactly $4.38 20 points

  19. Folded napkin art with a fast food napkin 10 points

  20. A lottery ticket from each state we travel through 20 points

It was fun to watch everyone try to outdo other teams (teams were by car).  And even better was on our way home we got a text from B on her honeymoon in Savannah with a picture of a “Beer Cave” at a gas station – thus crossing number 14 off the list.  Yes, she’s that competitive!  One of the best finds was the sand dollar by my nieces fiancé.  There was a whole basket of them in the living room of our rental house.  Nobody made any folded napkin art though!

So on the way home I found some things I need to add to the next travel scavenger hunt list.  A “Coon Dog Days 2014” t-shirt (found in Saluda, NC), a minivan with one stick figure guy 4 stick figure dogs and 3 stick figure cats on the back (stuck in traffic somewhere in TN), a point for each ambulance, fire truck and police car seen at an accident scene (we would’ve broke the bank in North Charleston on our way out-of-town because they had a full extrication response for a flipped over car), a receipt for a credit of $1.61 on your hotel bill for not using the safe (way to go Dustin for reading the fine print on the safe!), a lady checking out of Wal-Mart with 3 pregnancy tests and a Red Bull (Mount Pleasant, SC) and a 1000 point bonus if you stop and render medical attention to an elderly lady who fell and hit her head in the Wendy’s parking lot (yes this happened in Berea, KY and my nursing student niece provided care while my sister called 911 — and the employees at Wendy’s did …. nothing!).

Makes you want to travel with me doesn’t it?

Well I’m not sure when the next adventure will be.  My hubs is a little exhausted after this one.  Did I mention we returned home to a broken lawn mower, a yard full of limbs (like big giant limbs), a broken fence (from a giant limb falling on it), Snowbelle (my Trailblazer) limped home with a non working windshield wiper pump, the keys got stuck in the ignition for a bit and broken drivers side wheel hub — and while we were down there her air filter got drenched during our hydroplane incident and had to be replaced also.  Oh yeah and Dave’s fire truck is in the shop right now too with a broken transmission.  This is why he tells me he doesn’t like going on vacation.  I think I see his point!



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